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Thread: Roaming Monsters

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    I'd like giants of all kinds.

    Storm Giants
    Hill Giants
    Fire Giants
    Stone Giants
    Sand Giants

    Also, making the Nomads a roaming monster is a good idea if they can't a full fledged faction (which, even if they were, I would imagine they'd be way, way down the list).

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    Cannot believe I fotgot giants in my OP....

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    I'm pretty sure Giants (Storm, Hill, Fire, Frost, etc.) and Dragons are going to make it in already as ruin/guardians so I'm not sure I'd want to use up our slots in the stretch goal to ask for something we are almost certainly getting anyway.
    Likewise with the elemental planes/schools of magic asking for Air, Earth, Fire, and Water elementals seems a waste as well... they're almost certainly already in.
    If the current suggestion for Draconians is taken (now that they are definitely in the game) Wyverns and Dragon Turtles will be part of that faction list.
    I also think this could be a good area for MoM tribute creatures however I'm not sure which ones I'd add that either aren't already in as part of one of the existing or suggested factions or that I wouldn't mind seeing become an entire faction later.
    Stag Beetles are in D20 as Giant Stag Beetles.
    Mammoths are in D20 under the Elephant listing.
    Again though I'm not sure what we plan to do with an insect faction but Stag Beetles might go better with that faction. Likewise Mammoth/Elephant riders I could see as part of a faction at some point.

    I do like the idea of Owlbears and Manticores though as I don't think they fit in any particular faction list but are staple units of D20 and MoM respectively.

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    In agreement with what Asmodai said, the suggestions should be cautious of future-faction use. Once we figure out what MoM tributes are left, then they can be wandering monsters. I DEFINITELY do not want nomads as wandering "monsters" because it goes completely against how i view them and wandering enemies in general. It might not make a lot of sense logically but i just feel like, as with MoM, intelligent races gather together to form cities and the monsters were just supposed to either stick to their home or wander aimlessly looking for blood. that's just how it is.
    Malleus the Magician + Fang the Draconian = OP

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    You've got a very good point, Belgariad87. We do need to wait for the dev team to give us some direction as to their vision of what makes a race playable vs. independent empire vs. wander monster. Also, so far we have 2 people who pledged at the Giant level on Kickstarter. Who knows what faction they might want? So perhaps we can just look at this thread as simply a brainstorm of possibilities for the community to consider later rather than official submissions to the dev team.

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    Or you could look at this way. Nomads and Barbaians start as wondering monsters, but a Hero asrises and unites them into a new and powerful empire. Perfect theme for a DLC. Rise of the Wandering Ones.

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    I like that! An excellent theme, indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rybon View Post
    Or you could look at this way. Nomads and Barbaians start as wondering monsters, but a Hero asrises and unites them into a new and powerful empire. Perfect theme for a DLC. Rise of the Wandering Ones.
    A way to make both camps happy? Now that's what I'm talking about!

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    That's a good idea as well. Just like the ones posted here and here.

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    In regard to wandering / roaming Monsters - It would be good to have the ability to capture or turn them to your side. Mabye a hero ability or magicians spell.

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