So I was just thinking about my latest play through of MoM.

Did anyone else ever reload after getting a hero they didn't want? (Bahgtru, brax, etc) and hope to get a more noteworthy hero (Malleus, Shuri with pathfinding, Fang)

I seemed to do this a lot, especially if I put a lot of resources into my summon champion, I would often reload to get Warrax (my favorite I think before Torin)

How about with spells? beat a ruin full of zombies, find a random stone skin spell, and reload for something you will use, maybe next time you will get earthlore, change terrain, or regeneration.

My suggestion is to give us the ability to control the randomness, maybe be able to pick who the random hero is, or what the spell may be. Possibly with a cost, i.e. must have researched such and such, or picked an ability at the start that allows this.