I had a really good experience with the gnome thread, so I thought I’d go even further down the pie-in-the-sky road and talk about a faerie faction. Sprites were in MoM, as we all remember, and honestly, they could be a little scary- especially in the early part of the game. So, there is at least some tie-in to the spiritual forefather of WoM.

Now, faeries have been gaining popularity among the youth segment in entertainment. After witches and vampires, it seems they’re looking to move on to something lighter. You can see coperations lining this up for future teens in Disney’s successful Tinkerbell direct-to-video line and Nickelodian’s total rip off of it: Wink. But it’s not just the little kids. Check out a Google images search for faerie art. It’s everywhere, and with some very adult and dark themes (warning, NSFW). So there’s plenty of material to mine.

So, let’s push the envelope, a little bit. In my mind, the faction would actually be called “The Fey.” It wouldn’t just be sprites. That’s way too limited. They’d be a conglomerate race- which, I don’t think we’ve really had one yet, have we? Would the golems count exactly (if they win)? So, the Fey would be fantastic woodland creatures working together.

So, what races could be included in a “fey” faction:

Incarnations (think Force of Nature from Magic: The Gathering)

These are some classic fantasy races that ought to have a shot at getting in the game somewhere on the DLC path. Obviously, not all of these would work. And they’d have to be assigned your typical roles (healer, spell caster, cavalry, ultimate unit), but I think a conglomerate faction like this would add a lot of uniqueness to game play and to the world.

The only concern would be, how much this faction would step on the Sylvan Elves’ toes. The units would look quite different, so there’s that. But both would be forest lovers, and that would be the problem. The only idea I have at the moment would be to make the Fey more fanatical than the elves. As a metaphor, the elves would be kind of like the World Wildlife Fund and the Fey would be more like Green Peace.

I’ll set this loose. What do you guys, think?