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Thread: The Fey: A Conglomerate Faction for WoM

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    The Fey: A Conglomerate Faction for WoM


    I had a really good experience with the gnome thread, so I thought I’d go even further down the pie-in-the-sky road and talk about a faerie faction. Sprites were in MoM, as we all remember, and honestly, they could be a little scary- especially in the early part of the game. So, there is at least some tie-in to the spiritual forefather of WoM.

    Now, faeries have been gaining popularity among the youth segment in entertainment. After witches and vampires, it seems they’re looking to move on to something lighter. You can see coperations lining this up for future teens in Disney’s successful Tinkerbell direct-to-video line and Nickelodian’s total rip off of it: Wink. But it’s not just the little kids. Check out a Google images search for faerie art. It’s everywhere, and with some very adult and dark themes (warning, NSFW). So there’s plenty of material to mine.

    So, let’s push the envelope, a little bit. In my mind, the faction would actually be called “The Fey.” It wouldn’t just be sprites. That’s way too limited. They’d be a conglomerate race- which, I don’t think we’ve really had one yet, have we? Would the golems count exactly (if they win)? So, the Fey would be fantastic woodland creatures working together.

    So, what races could be included in a “fey” faction:

    Incarnations (think Force of Nature from Magic: The Gathering)

    These are some classic fantasy races that ought to have a shot at getting in the game somewhere on the DLC path. Obviously, not all of these would work. And they’d have to be assigned your typical roles (healer, spell caster, cavalry, ultimate unit), but I think a conglomerate faction like this would add a lot of uniqueness to game play and to the world.

    The only concern would be, how much this faction would step on the Sylvan Elves’ toes. The units would look quite different, so there’s that. But both would be forest lovers, and that would be the problem. The only idea I have at the moment would be to make the Fey more fanatical than the elves. As a metaphor, the elves would be kind of like the World Wildlife Fund and the Fey would be more like Green Peace.

    I’ll set this loose. What do you guys, think?



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    First, thank you for the Steampunk Gnome thread... it's been one of the better discussions in my opinion.
    On this one though I'm not sure I like them as a faction for a few reasons:
    1) I'm generally against conglomerate factions. Either the race can stand on it's own and should be made into a faction or it can't and should be part of the game as a "monster". There are exceptions, I'm not saying this ALWAYS has to be the case but that's my initial reaction.
    2) As you said if the Elves do go wood/sylvan some of these may very well go to extending that race as we get more slots. Unicorns I believe are already in the Elves either way.
    3) There is a "nature" circle of magic that you don't select directly. It's the combination of the four elements and is represented by the prime material plane. As such I suspect there will be ranger/druid spells that summon many of these creatures (not to mention summon spells by your wizard if you have all four elements) if they don't make the Elf faction list directly and I further expect that many will show up as guardians to sacred groves nature nodes and the like. So again I'm not saying I don't want them in the game, I just think they fit in the game more as guardians, wandering monsters, and/or summoned creatures than throwing them all together as a conglomerate faction.

    Just my $0.02.

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    I'ma just gonna note that their actually is a 'Fey' subtype in the System Reference document that several creatures share, not just sprites. So it could be done without being a 'conglomerate' faction, and Sprites are even in the small catagory, which isn't more tiny then gnomes and halflings, so they aren't to small. The main problem with them is actually that they are too good.

    Pixies, the closest direct creature to the old MoM sprites, have a persistant Greater Invisibility as a supernatural ability, a selection of innate spells, and free memory erasing arrows of sleep, Nymphs permanently blind anything that gets within 30 feet of them, have an at will stun gaze attack, and have native racial druid magic as a seventh level druid, Dryads might only be CR 3 but have an at will entangle spell, as well as speak with plants and tree shape, and a selection of more limited times per day spells...

    Hell, even Nixies have a 3/day charm person spell. And that's before getting into how most of those also have Damage Reduction and some have spell resistance too.

    Making a fey race could be done, but you'd have to get a homebrew base race with less overwhelming murder potential.

    Edit: Oh, right, Satyrs. They have DR too, and their pipes.. well, free never-ending 60 foot spread of charm person, sleep, or fear. Admitedly, not at that hard of a save, but get three or four of those guys into a battlefield and it's likely a large bit of the enemy army is screwed.
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    Green Peace, LOL.

    Anyway. Centaurs, you forgot centaurs! They would be the perfect cavalry unit. Maybe even centaur archers so you can combine a range unit and a horse unit into one.

    That said. I'm have mixed feelings about this faction. I see the potential, but I also see the problems.

    <POINT>Like Asmodai, I don't care for conglomerate factions. I don't know why. I just don't, and I'm not alone.
    <COUNTER POINT>But if diversity of play experience is something we value for this game, should there be at least one? Well, yeah, I guess there should.

    <POINT>They are infringing on the wood elves territory.
    <COUNTERPOINT>If the game is going to have Sylvan, High, and Dark Elves, and they're not infringing on each other.

    <POINT>Speaking of all those races, aren't there enough fey style races out there already?
    <COUNTER POINT>Faeries, Centaurs, Satyrs, etc. are really their own separate/iconic thing and quite different from the elves.

    <POINT>What naval unit could they possibly have?
    <COUNTERPOINT>Giant Tortoise?

    So, as you can see, I'm conflicted. There's potential for great success and great trouble IMHO.

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    Giving it some more thought, have a suggested army list of doom. Using Sprites as the base race with all special abilities besides flight shaved off. Being a small race, I'm assuming that some of their units can run with five people a unit instead of four.

    Sprite Raiders : The basic militia unit, Sprite warriors with javelins that come in groups of five.

    Sprite Hunters : The basic ranged unit, Sprite warriors with shortbows and daggers. Also comes in groups of five.

    Sprite Lancers : The second level melee unit, Sprite fighters with light armor and short spears.

    Wasp Knights : Sprite Fighters mounted on Giant Wasps. Armed with swords. Tier I 'Cavalry' unit. (No Unicorns because the elves already have that in their army list)

    Centaur Maruaders : Centaur fighters with javelins and battleaxes. Second tier cavalry unit with some ranged.

    Will-O’-Wisp : Flying spirits with electric attacks. Second tier flying unit and monster. Lacks the natural invisibility ability.

    Sprite Tricksters : Sprite sorcerers who have started taking arcane trickster levels, armed with sleep poisoned daggers. Arcane caster unit.

    Nymph : Mid-high tier Clerical unit, lacks normal special abilities except for Unearthly Grace. Magic attacks are weaker then normal but have a low chance of stunning units they hit in reference to Stunning Glance ability.

    Treant : Large monster unit. Big stick to hit things with and faction's top tier unit. Looses the Animate Trees ability.

    This list gives the faction a solid basing in Sprite units to keep it from feeling to un-unified, with a selection of the more iconic fey monsters and creatures as the advanced units to give some heavy punch. Suspect that Sprites should have hovering as an ability instead of flying. (Which is like flying except for being hitable by ground units and being unable to go over the ocean)

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    I like this list. I could see myself playing this one. It would reminded me of reading the Spiderwick books to my kids.

    Now do a list for Minotaurs.

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    Hum, Minotaurs... They have +2 level adjustment, so they'd be stronger then most units of the same slot, but that can be countered with a combination of costing more and, being large creatures, having less people in a unit. Well, here it goes!

    Minotaur Brawler : The basic milita unit. Four or three Minotaur warriors with clubs and no armor.

    Minotaur Tracker : Ranged unit. Minotaur warriors with heavy crossbows. Two or three of them.

    War Bull : Tier two melee unit. Armored Minotaur fighters with sword and shield. Two or Three of them.

    Labyrinth Lord : Tier three melee unit. Armored Minotaur barbarians with a greataxe. Comes in groups of two.

    Minotaur Slayer : Minotaur barbarians with both a battleaxe and throwing axes. Tier two ranged unit. Two or three of them.

    Gorgon : The kind that looks like a bull. Ultimate unit and big monster. Only one per unit.

    Herd-Shaman : Arcane unit. Minotaur adept with a hand axe. Two or three of them.

    Labyrinth Queen : Divine caster. High level, carried a staff. Only two per unit.

    Not sure about their siege weapon, leaning towards either a crude catapult (To shoot cows at enemies with), or a hand carried Battering Ram. Like the trolls and other thug nations of MoM, limited unit list but have some nicely heavy hitting murder machines, if low on other factions utility units.

    (Suggestions welcome, this was just a bare bones five minute list because I was asked.)

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    Hi all,

    Would the Wasp Knights get a poison damage bonus or paralyzing ability on successful hit? That would be cool.

    Would it be fun to have the Treant coupled with a Dryad? and give you that old Druid entangle/nymph charm unit combo from AOW:SM? Could have it where charmed units eventually make their save and wander off or rarely, attack the rest of the army.

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    Giant Wasps do have poison. And no, the mixing of a Dryad with a Treant is not likely. The two units fill two different rolls, one being a caster and one being a thug, and have different power levels, as well as that combination not actually adding anything the Fey race needs in that list, as they already have a caster unit.

    (Also, the document you are linking to is more then a generation out of date. Please use the SRD)

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    Why wouldn't or couldn't the Fey have more than one caster unit? (and mind you I am asking not to be difficult, but recalling MOM and AOW:SM and several races having priest and mage units). Thanks for the link to the SRD, I was a 1st edition player, so I am quite out of date

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