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Thread: The Fey: A Conglomerate Faction for WoM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    I'm surprised at how interesting the beastmen thread became. Putting the Satyrs and Centaurs in that faction does make sense. Perhaps Beastmen will make a better conglomerate faction that The Fey?
    Well, my army list did lack Satyrs, so if we wanted to replace the centaurs they are only one unit in the list, so that'd be pretty easily done. Maybe replace them with Kelpie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happerry View Post
    Well, my army list did lack Satyrs, so if we wanted to replace the centaurs they are only one unit in the list, so that'd be pretty easily done. Maybe replace them with Kelpie?
    Kelpies are really cool, so that's a definate possibility!

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    Anyone read dresden files? There are 2 courts, winter and summer fairies. Basically creatures from paralel spirit world most closest to this one. It contains wast amout of creatures, so that is little problem for races like beastman since centaurs were at summer, as well as elves with bows. than there is winter one, rawhead i think is name. Made of discarted bones and flesh. It first can kill only pets, then children and is finaly strong for adults. It just gets bigger. Not sure where were trolls, in summer or winter. Another winter creature was malk. Cat like creature, in book ones disseperad as one cat in disney's alice in wonderland so stealthy, but hyperviolent and fast, also sentient and can talk. Checked few book of D&D but dont like its creatures that much, and think that magical items and even artifacts are "little" overpriced and/or uninteresting so dont like most mentions of it but its personal opinion and as long as its only combat and item rules (except including 10000k gold pieces and/or demigod power to make or find magical trinkets called artefacts).

    As strategic mecchanic, than its diplomacy. Making pacts like non attacking one, can give some aditional bonus to both sides, maybe deffense or something. But if someone get suprise attack attacker gain curses on units when attacking fairie or side with whom fairies have made it, while defender gain bonuses for some time. make trade pact and both sides gain aditional bonus to it with temporarly loses in income when its broken for one who broke it. So aditional bonuses in diplomatic trades to both sides in and since usualy fairies are trickers they gain bigger bonuses, but harmed significly more if they break contract becouse of magical nature of them and these contracts. Also good defense on magic but cold iron is deadly poisonous. Mithril and adamantium are just standard metals, but opose them to iron wepons and there defences and armor give penalty to deflecting hit and get bonus on gained damage, it damage reduction is negative for iron weapons, normal for other materials, if weapon can actually hit them. Fay are more rare becouse of cost so have penalty against masses of cheap units with iron weapons, they hardly hit them but it hurts. "Improved" units with mithril and adamantium are actualy worser if metal give only bonus on damage.

    Because of diffrencese 2 courts, they can as well be two diffrent factions. Just don't please give some sugar pixies and similar creatures. Betters as (maybe group of) species, that give magical contracts, are trickers, set as neutral (arent evil, just different morality, but since always get better and of deal in story can as well be), have completely different morality based on contracts(gifts are taboo). Summer is generaly nice and sugary, but becouse of being more emotional dont make them angry. Winter can be logical and mostly wicked creatures, but can also be good and helpfull.

    In book winter have huge army to protect from outsiders (devils are baby to them, creatures wonting to destroy not world but reality, eldrich abomination from outside universe with completely different rules, pretty immune on magic), and summer to protect world from winter.

    summary (shorter at least)
    +: bonus on diplomacy(penalty for ally who broke it, fay get better bonus), variety of troops (especialy better one are resistant on magic and skilful), glamour (stealth, charming)
    -: stronger penalty fro treachery(need to think more on making deals), basic units can deal great damage when hit(and have more chance since fey troops are expensive), have to think more to make balancing
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    That's a cool idea: making them a diplomatic race. I'll have to go back and see if I can find the relevant Dresden Files shows. Sounds really cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    That's a cool idea: making them a diplomatic race. I'll have to go back and see if I can find the relevant Dresden Files shows. Sounds really cool.
    unfortunatly, this battle that of winter defending world from outsiders is late spoiler (book 14 i thin, all books are 200-300 so not much). there is it seems tv series, only 1 season (book), but dont recomend it. Havent watched it but on wikipedia and similar placer, by summary it seams significly changed from original.

    And this of making contracts with mortals, getting better and of them and being seen as completely alien and almost evil seems to be standard practice of them in earlier stories. Haven't played, but hmm pan& paper rpg world of darknes, specificly changeling the lost is horror urban fantasy, where player is changeling (child stolen by fairies, repleced by fake) who escape from them. More concern with contrast and horror of them.

    Grouped by categories (literature, folklore, tv, games, tabletop gaming, etc) fall mentions of the fair folk:

    p.s.: realy should have put it already. its from above link in fairy tales category. examples of some trades:

    • "Rumpelstiltskin": Rumpelstiltskin helps a young woman spinning straw into gold, but then demands her baby as payment.
    • "Sleeping Beauty" is gifted by six fairy godmothers with beauty, grace, wit, and great skill in music, singing and dancing, then cursed for spite to prick her hand on a spindle on her sixteenth year and die by a seventh fairy. The curse is softened, but cannot be completely removed, by the final fairy.

    from other categories:

    • Medieval ballads have a whole subgenre dedicated to the fair folk. In a Scandinavian ballad, the hero denies the Elf-maiden´s request of dancing, because he is preparing his wedding. The Elf-maid then strikes him down, with fatal consequences.
    • The Curupira from Brazilian folklore looks like an amalgam between indigenous nature deities and European faeries. Regardless of his origins and his role as a fierce nature guardian, he is generally perceived as a wicked, demonic and sometimes downright sociopathic entity with beautiful red hair who can (and will) do anything to protect the animals and forests of his domains. He is particularly infamous for shape-shifting into attractive forms to lure abusive hunters and woodcutters deep into the forest. The footprints of his backward feet will ensure anyone who follows him will never find the way out from the woods and there he promptly starts a Wild Hunt, hunting the men down with a giant wild boar and ultimately destroying them.
    • Despite modern depictions of them as undead, Ireland's local psychopomps, the banshee (more strictly bean sidhe) and dullahan, were actually faeries. At least the banshee was only interested in warning whatever clan she was associated with that one of their own would soon die. The dullahan? He actively chases you down. So, you have a Headless Horseman, probably riding a Headless Horse, carrying his necrotic-looking head under one arm and using the other to snap a human spine as a whip, dousing any would-be spies with blood (which marks them as next to get dragged to the afterlife), and whose mere presence makes every gate and door unlock, unbar, and open on their own, seeking you out. Hope you have some gold handy (a gold pin is enough), because that's the only thing that will save you (they're terrified of the stuff).

    ok, as in first example of traiding for children or stealing them (changelings) for some are little too fare from neutral too evil.
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    Conglomerate Factions, guess what - i like that.

    i don ´t think it is a bad thing to have factions which are some sort of a mix of exiled or
    a conglomerate of races which would cooperate (as the undead do or the beastmen in MoM).

    I am not against a possiblity of recruting fighters which other factions might recruit, too.
    In many novels for fantasy (or sci-fi) diffrent races cooperate. In thoose stories with
    a war theme there are a lot of cases in which you find seperate races fighting each other
    you find "turncloaks" and "expats", enemies of the ruling regimes involved in wars
    which formed regiments and fight in the armies of the enemy of their race or Home-Empire.
    Therefore recruiting same units in diffrent faction - i dont see why it should not be possible.
    The production cost could be elevated or the cost to maintain these units.
    Well it is not so convienent to implement it, i have no doubt.

    A fey faction - well i have no real knowledge about these
    but if they is a story how these faction got together and
    it is not to far fetched, it is a World of Magic...
    Maybe it will come from the earth elemental or living sphere and could
    have some penalties in other spheres...? just a thought.

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    well real player of this factions would be sidhe who are human like, other things could be mercenaries. I think they could even have own plane,there is mentions of fairyland i think, but new kinds of planes are surely for dlc, and this game probably goes too much with d&d lore too not just rules for combat, but fairyland could be added as additional little different prime plane. And weren't there sprites as summons from life school in mom? Little fairies/folks?

    maybe imagine it as race so beautiful its unreal (glamor, easier access to magic for hiding troops on strategic map maybe?), that makes magical pacts (gave above some idea for implementation, but ideas were looking to much as gamebreakes in some examples, i think somewhere was mentioned there is no idea for diplomatic race, how simple/complex would be diplomacy?), skilled and expensive units (hard to hit, but even normal unit can easily kill them with one lucky hit because of iron weapons, so little penalty in start with price)

    if fey faction is implemented, would prefer original ones than so cute and sweet ones to kill peoples with diabetes from Disney.

    seen above post with for tv tropes on the fair folks?

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