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Thread: Minotaurs: Lords of Maze and Horn

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    I like minotaurs I do. But there is good debate about whether they should be in the beastmen faction. Also, I think this will be the 20th post in this thread. The last 5 have been about Minotaurs being in a faction vote, so there's really only 15 that are actually about this race. That's fewer than the Goblin thread that just started. Is that enough support to warrant inclusion in a vote right now? The Fey had twenty something. The Beastmen had 18. It's your game, of course, Aaron. But I just question what people would be voting for if they saw this as an option.

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    I'd vote for them over the beastmen...

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    Great suggestion, both beastmen and minotaur.

    We all know and like the standard fantasy races, but what about someone a little bit more unique and with a different flavor? Instead of two human races, or two elven races, we could have one of these instead.

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    I would chose Minotaur over beastman. I think there are plenty of different types of beastman that Minotaurs could stand on there own.

    Oh and the gnomes have more replies than Dark elves sooooo.

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    I always liked the Dragonlance Minotaurs. Depending on what nations make it in the game and how you use them you will probably already have plenty of barbarian races. Having a warrior race with exceptional naval abilities and more intelligence / sophistication may fit in nicely. Usually all the large warrior races are stupid and undisiplined so this could be a good change of pace. Unit diversity may be a problem though.

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