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Thread: Faction Differentiation

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    Faction Differentiation

    Hi guys, congrats on the successful Kickstarter (looking forward to my rewards). I have a question on the factions (forgive the odd formatting of this message, for some reason I can't insert carriage returns. IE10 issue?). Anyway: My question is on the differentiation of the factions - I'm pretty excited by the suggestion that the undead will play quite differently (no food farming, no diplomacy, etc). Are there plans to make the other races feel different? I'm a little concerned that most of the factions will feel like copies of the other factions with slightly different looking units (so that playing one is much like playing another; except for the undead). I would be stoked at the idea that several factions are very different. For example: Humans might play like the traditional MOM factions, spreading across the landscape and building cities and farms and whatnot. Conversely, Elves can only build cities in forests, but have ways to spread from forest to forest. Dwarves build and tunnel underground, and tunnel upwards to attack opponents etc. Golems build all their units and can use resources to make lots of weak units or fewer strong ones, the same resources are used for cities, defences, etc. Basically, each faction plays quite differently, I think this would add awesome extra replayability to the game. ANyway, curious at other users' opinions, and what the Devs' plans are...?

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    i always figured dwarves for being a warrior society, and thus would not like the idea of fodder units. so i imagine that low level dwarf units would be more expensive material cost wise but fewer in number, and as more expensive equipment requires better infrastructure that means that dwarves wouldn't be able to produce units from a settlement for a little while after forming the settlement.

    i also think it would be nice to tie pop growth to age, so the longer lived races would accelerate their growth as their pop grows. thus the long lived elves would produce a decent amount of pop from a big settlement (assuming it can feed its citizens), and less than average from a new one. while a goblin one would have a linear growth rate, producing the same pop from a large city as from a new one.

    depending on how resource production is decided to be, it might work out to having slight bonuses for favored terrain, like say +1 food in mountains for dwarves (which normally don't produce any), and +1 mineral in forests for elves. maybe have elves be unable to make mines, so that late game they don't get too production happy (unless they have a lot of forest area).

    battle for wesnoth has a good guide for creating factions (albeit for their game, but both are fantasy games):

    Most factions have a basic melee unit who serves as a thematic core of the faction and as the most cost efficient recruit. This does not need to be the case but it does serve some basic dynamics: It designates a unit to be the vast majority of just about any army this faction will field which will define much of how they play making them easier to mentally define and work with, and it reinforces melee as the standard range. The mainline undead, are an example of a faction that actually lacks such a unit (skeleton looks like it but you'll notice when good undead players play they normally don't get that many skeletons). The most cost efficient undead unit is actually the dark adept which defines the undead as being a faction that wields fearsome but very ToD dependent magic as their main weapon. However, as a fact that every other faction is more likely to have lots more melee power than ranged the adepts are guarded by units who either are melee units or who are resistant to most melee units.

    cost effective units tend to form the theme unit wise for a faction, so between similar factions there should be some strategic differences, and some cost effective unit that showcases what the faction is. in that way factions will feel different from each other even when they are similar.

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    The core races (High Men, Dwarves, and Elves) will be very similar with slight, but meaningful differences. As we add more and more races to the lineup we will see very different and fairly similar races coming into the game.

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    I'm concerned about the reason to go looking for other races for this game. Don't get me wrong, evolve the game to exceed its soul predecessor. However I will be disappointed if it doesn't nod to all the races of the old game. I want to play them all again. Love the subterran/underwater race talk and different planes.

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