Hi guys, congrats on the successful Kickstarter (looking forward to my rewards). I have a question on the factions (forgive the odd formatting of this message, for some reason I can't insert carriage returns. IE10 issue?). Anyway: My question is on the differentiation of the factions - I'm pretty excited by the suggestion that the undead will play quite differently (no food farming, no diplomacy, etc). Are there plans to make the other races feel different? I'm a little concerned that most of the factions will feel like copies of the other factions with slightly different looking units (so that playing one is much like playing another; except for the undead). I would be stoked at the idea that several factions are very different. For example: Humans might play like the traditional MOM factions, spreading across the landscape and building cities and farms and whatnot. Conversely, Elves can only build cities in forests, but have ways to spread from forest to forest. Dwarves build and tunnel underground, and tunnel upwards to attack opponents etc. Golems build all their units and can use resources to make lots of weak units or fewer strong ones, the same resources are used for cities, defences, etc. Basically, each faction plays quite differently, I think this would add awesome extra replayability to the game. ANyway, curious at other users' opinions, and what the Devs' plans are...?