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Thread: Getting Started Guide

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    Getting Started Guide

    OK guys, a few of you suggested that we should put together a Getting Started Guide (whether or not you used that term). Well, I felt that was a good idea and got to work. This is what I have so far:

    Getting Started

    I could use feedback, suggestions, and more questions for the FAQ.

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    Perhaps an install/launch section would help. I'm a first-time Steam user & while I muddled through activation etc...pressing the Play button (or my desktop shortcut) only get me the Configuration screen...but no further. No setting-combination actually allows me to get more than a brief blank-window...which then crashes & leaves me back at desktop. Tried searching forum & guide for this "starting" issue with no luck. Help a newbie out, please!

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    That is a very good idea! I'll try to work on that Monday.

    And, we'll try to figure why it's crashing for you as well
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    If there is any, send us your output.log (\Steam\SteamApps\common\WorldsOfMagic\WorldsOfMag ic_Data\output_log.txt)

    If not, send us your system configuration.

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    it'll be:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\WorldsOfMagic\WorldsO fMagic_Data\output_log.txt" for a 64bit system with only one HD.

    "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\WorldsOfMagic\WorldsO fMagic_Data\output_log.txt" for a 32 bit system with only only one HD (32 bit windows 7/8/vista, or windows xp and below).

    if you have another HD the C:\ may be another letter, and finally if you told steam to install the game into a steam library it will be:
    "K:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\WorldsOfMagic\Wo rldsOfMagic_Data\output_log.txt" with K:\ being what HD the steam library is on.

    if you know how to do the search function you can just do a search for steamapps and it will find all steamapps folders on your computer, wherever they are.

    you can also right click the game in steam and go to properties then to the local files tab, and then click on the button "browse local files..." and that will take you to the "SteamApps\common\WorldsOfMagic" file wherever it is.
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    Thanks for sharing that info Jamo

    How's this for an installation guide?:

    Installation Guide
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    I saw you mentioned that you might do a standalone build for Linux testing -- that's fine, but what's keeping you from throwing the Linux build up on Steam?

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    Oh, we probably will. We just aren't ready to juggle multiple versions right now. We're working hard to get to the Beta line. We want more testers in and more feedback. So, we're putting a vast majority of our energy into that
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    OK, I've revised the getting started guide and could use some feedback. Specifically:

    Are there any errors?

    Is anything missing?

    Do we need more for the FAQ section?

    Getting Started
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    The intro page says what is ready to test. Is there anything you want to mention that is /not/ ready to test?


    "factors that effect production" ->"factors that affect production"
    "Food is effected by buildings" -> "Food is affected by buildings"
    in general after that point, "effected" -> "affected"

    General question: if dark energy is produced and consumed like food, shouldn't it be displayed on the top bar along with gold, food, and mana?
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