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Thread: The Things I Liked about MoM Thread

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    I'm not going to weigh in here, but I want to let you know we are listening

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    Being that MoM was a single player game.

    The ability to, once you were advanced enough and worked for it, break open the game wide open. that feeling of finally getting that broken combination working. making that awesome artifact of power for your help make them overpowered and steamroll things

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    The Things I Liked about MoM? Too many to list!

    I remember the first time I started to play a game of Master of Magic. Deciding on which wizard to play or how to create one of my own as well as how to go about doing so was a great start. I was surprised and pleased to see that the area surrounding my starting city was unexplored. Finding locations both guarded and unguarded that contained loot of some type or another and even prisoners (heroes) from time to time gave me the "just one more turn" feeling so common with MicroProse's games back then. The competition with the AI wizards just added to that feeling as did the first combat success at opening a tower that opened the way into the world of Myrran.

    Gameplay was relatively simple and MoM was easy to learn to play. But after playing it for so many years, I have yet to play every way to victory (or defeat). And I would even consider that a reason to like Master of Magic.

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    Randomness of a goodie hut - hard fight? Easy fight? Spiders, no problem... oh, some earth elemental. Reload. Sometimes those free goodie huts in the beginning with gold would ease the starting game.

    The different combinations of wizard, books, retorts and races - really added to the replayability. Playing an 11 death was COMPLETELY different than playing an 11 life.

    I LIKED the fact that the sea was just an impediment. Essentially a mountain you could sail on. I personally don't like naval battles/units/etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ampoliros View Post
    Here, here!
    MoM has nearly infinite replayability due to how you can customize your wizard. And even with the same wizard build, your starting race and other races you find can seriously alter how that game plays out as well. I like everything about MoM with the one exception of the out of date UI.

    Quote Originally Posted by bloss View Post
    Maybe there could be an even higher level spirit, that you had to work to obtain, who could not be dislodged?
    Dislike this idea. IMO is detracts from the strategy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muttala View Post
    Sometimes, I pause the game in tactical battles then appreciate and count those icons one by one that appear in my Demigod ranked heroes and feel so happy and proud on my hard work bringing up them.... but I can't help myself for not doing that.
    I did the same

    Quote Originally Posted by jutetrea View Post
    The different combinations of wizard, books, retorts and races - really added to the replayability. Playing an 11 death was COMPLETELY different than playing an 11 life.

    After reading these posts I was unsure if i would have anything to add myself....
    I enjoyed the seeming simplicity and the subtle complexity.
    After a while I only ever played the Impossible difficulty as the AI at other levels was too easy. But i really enjoyed the challenge of Impossible, even though it was massively unbalanced.
    The atmospheric music was a big thing for me too. A lovely melody with a hint of trepidation and perhaps a magical overtone. Changing into the battle music that was intense and urgent. Completing a research project or building a town was a sense of achievement with its upbeat crescendo.
    Finding the perfect place to build a city.
    Having the best units in my armies from all the different races i could track down and capture.
    And most importantly, the replayabilty. Every game was different.

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    What a fantastic topic!
    OK, I'll tell you mine, but don't forget the keyword here -CONTEXT-

    Playing with Sharee just to see some b00bage every time she'd be inventin' them spells :-D
    I mean, these were the dark ages of interwebz where man hadn't even thought of publishing nudity, right?!
    So I'd be following while my brother was playing (yes I'm almost 30 thx), encouraging him to take Sharee...

    Said it.

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    I loved the Midi Music - it gave the game such a great atmosphere. If you are still playing MoM look for a patch that upgrades the Midi music - It sounds much better. Sorry dont know where to locate the patch, mabye someone else here knows.

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    I loved getting an extra spell book or two as a reward for defeating tough lairs. It really fed that power trip feeling

    The huge variety of approaches to the game was *the* feature I loved the most about the game, and that was the culmination of many factors like the huge spell list, varied races, the customisation at the start, the units, artifacts, heroes. The game was a masterpiece but for one or two balancing issues.

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    I liked the Paladin beeing immune to magic thing, casting those global spells twith that cool animation that would play (chaos channels so) and also the music.

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