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Thread: The Things I Liked about MoM Thread

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    Creating your character, conquering new towns and making new races part of your empire. Researching new magic. These are these are the things I enjoy.

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    The huge number of choices during game play. Do you spend your spells on buffing your units defenses, buffing their offense, killing the opponent units, etc? Build lots of weak units or a few tough ones? Fast units or strong units?

    The way that customizing your wizard led to different game play. An alchemist who can freely convert mana to/from gold? A node master who can more easily conquer and/or hold nodes?

    The fact that these choices mattered. There wasn't only one way to build a strong empire or units. Or ven just one way to end up with over powering effects. The branches of magic really were different. In other games, every branch of magic had pretty much the same capabilities, just with different flavor. MoM didn't do that.

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    I loved the scope and variety of the game. There were so many races with different building-trees, unique units, and bonuses/penalties, and they wouldn't necessarily appear in a game (also the way Myrror had different races and stronger guardians and rewards). There were so many spells, and unlike many other attempts to replicate MoM, they went so much further than "do 5 damage" - you could attack the morale of a city, mutate your units, teleport to the other world, create a magic vortex, or summon units in battle. The magic system felt complete: Arcane spells meant that everyone could dispell enchantments (though Sorcery had much better versions), and there was a spell to enchant practically every special effect in the game. Also, the way life-steal would create undead versions of the units they killed - it was one of the touches to the game that made it feel like Microprose was creating a world.

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    I would agree to many of your picks.

    -Finding spell books in Nodes and Lairs --- Yes, this made the more difficult settings a lot of fun.
    -Making artifacts for my heroes/champions --- Yes, but the shortfall of MOM is that it didn't seem like the AI players took advantage of this .

    -Dark Elves' magic missile ability --- Yes, but I think it was very important that a dwarves have high magic immunity and take less damage.

    -Finding Retorts in Nodes and Lairs
    -Trading spells with other wizards - Yes, but that can make game balance difficult.
    -Melding a spirit with a node to get TONS of mana/power
    -Inspirations (town enchantment)

    What I think is missing from your list is the fact some random maps had neutral cities connected by roads. I loved seeing that.
    The hero system was very good. Hire some ... summon others. Loved heroes with bows.

    I don't think you can discuss MOM without mentioning paladins with every spell cast on them!

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    I liked having the other plane as a whole other world and using it in a strategic way (i.e. going behind enemy lines by traversing the other plane). Also the fact that you could start off in the other plane and it had trade offs for starting there.

    Another thing I liked was actually being able to win via casting the Spell of Mastery and have everyone instantly declare war on you. I played quite a lot of games where my objective was seeing how long I was able to hold off everyone.
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    t I think is missing from your list is the fact some random maps had neutral cities connected by roads. I loved seeing that.
    That was cool. I forgot about that! (and I just played the game back in Feb.)

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    Massive spell tree (well, for then) but not every spell in every game. Randomization.

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    -Capturing other races cities in order to build their units and such
    -That specialising got you way more powerful spells, but locked you out of a lot of others, making both mixing and specialising enticing options
    -The music. I would often find myself humming the overworld music years after the last time I played the game.
    -Race specific heroes
    -That not all races were balanced. I found myself often on genocidal quests to rid Arcanus of Gnolls rather than keeping every city I conquered.
    -Dark Elves, High Men, Nomads, and High Elves. My four favorite races
    -Halfling Slingers.

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    It wasn't in MoM but in MOO II you got charters that could be used as planet leaders that gave bonuses. You could do the same for WoM. The player would have the option on which city to post them but they would not be a playable.
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    other than it is the most asymmetrical civ game out there? it is pretty boring playing the same game against the same opponents on almost the same map every time, MoM let you mix it up, alpha centauri had some plans to go in this direction, but some of it was cut, and even if it did it wouldn't have been as asymmetrical (same basic units/buildings).

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