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Thread: The Things I Liked about MoM Thread

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    A lot of the things I like has already been mentioned, some several times.
    liked the banishing animations, the animations in general, the great amount of spells and the ways you could play it,
    Sure the AI isn't the best but there is for instance insecticide's unofficial patch that tries to fix that, but the sheer scope and depth of the game is something I haven't seen.
    It had the things I liked of civilization and added tactical combat, that was the greatest! although I would have liked an alliance victory as an option, then again, it was fun to butter them up to backstab them

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    Yeah, I liked those things too
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    I loved how asymmetric MoM was.
    It was not fair, or balanced nor did it pretend to be.
    This led to endless replay-ability and the various challenge modes which where incredibly entertaining.

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    I like how in the city screen you did not have to micromanage where you placed workers like in Civ. In Civ you had to manually balance where you placed workers to make sure you get adequate food/resources as well as benefiting from special terrain.
    In MoM, terrain gave % bonuses and there was a maximum food capacity, so all you had to do was assign workers between production and food and not place them specifically on the map. Huge simplification and time saver from Civ.

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    +1 for Asymmetric and the animations. Those things were fun. It was also neat how what kind of magic you had changed what familiar you had.

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    Death magic and undead for sure. Great Drake undead, War Troll undead etc...
    Chaos Channels, Lycantropy, and other means to change your units into something different.
    Was fun

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    I would like to mention the graphics and the animations, in particular the "spell researched", "summoning" and "global spell casting". I quite liked that these were not cutscenes, but static pictures with animations. Therefore I never got annoyed with them. I examined them every time they appeared. I knew that I had limited amount of time before they dissapear and it made them even more mysterious. They were full of little details that caught my eye every time.

    I imagine if those were cutscenes they would get old pretty quickly and I would probably just skip through them just as I skip through the opening cutscene after a couple of views. Still picture with animated objects deliver the message both at first glance and during short amount of time.

    Amongst other things that were already listed, I quite liked the following:

    - fiddling with farmer/worker ratio
    - having little figures represent farmers/workers/rebels that were unique to each race
    - having little icons representing the amount of food, production and mana
    - having different denominations of those icons (hammer - 1 production, anvil - 10 production)
    - having icons represent units special abilities and other properties

    all of the above are little bits of joy that greatly increased my overall satisfaction with the game.
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    +1 for The Jackson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happerry View Post
    +1 for The Jackson
    +1 from me as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Jackson View Post
    all of the above are little bits of joy that greatly increased my overall satisfaction with the game.
    If there's one word that describes to me the overall tone of MoM it's fanfare. Almost everything you did had a neat little sound effect or graphic. It just added a huge foundation of charm and fun. Stardock really missed the boat with elemental WoM on that one, and I recall commenting thus during the beta. I hope Aaron and the guys don't let the efficient-as-a-spreadsheet-and-about-as-much-fun attitude prevail as so often seen these days.

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