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Thread: Mentalism Spell: Enrapture

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    Quote Originally Posted by nDervish View Post
    The upkeep would have to be a temporary thing, I think. Start it off at a very high level (comparable to the initial casting cost, even?), but taper it down to zero over the course of 20 or 25 turns. Otherwise, if it's a permanent drain on your mana just to continue holding on to the city, then the more sensible use is to Enrapture the city, move the defenders away from it, march in your own army, then drop the spell and let your army conquer/pacify the city non-magically. While that's still effective, it seems to defeat the point and flavor of a "capture town" spell - it's no longer something unique, just yet another way to nuke a city's defenders before the army moves in and does the real work.
    This is along the lines of what I said, only explained in different words (and the more explanation the better).

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    I like the idead, the spell should take time to take over the city. Maybe at first it creates extra unrest until the city revolts and turns to your empire. It should have a mana upkeep while is taking effect and later until every citizen is "absorbed". Enemy wizards should be able to do something about that, building and spells could offer protection. Some other spells should dispel the enchanment altogheter.
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