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Thread: Goblins: the Zerg Force of WoM

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    Another common vision of goblin faction is an magic based empire as goblins are as much intelligent as any other and as they are small and agile they are pretty good on the battlefield as magi(as much efficients spells but really hard to hit) and as the spells does not depends of the size an spell for creating food or building seems pretty useful for an man sized creature but for an small creature it creates awesome banquets or builds colossal buildings in which they can fit all their family. Also goblins learns really fast (at least in dungeons and dragons where they finish their magic studies at 18 years) and they are really very numerous which allows to have an huge intellectual production.So I through to an magic and economics based race with rogues and scouts as low level units.As you can see in the text file the goblins lack an heavy fighter or an flier but can do nearly all their units with economics buildings have most of them and have fast reproduction rate but for compensating that you can make the goblins have extra unrest (they have so many thieves) and maybe bad diplomatic relations (who have not at least one time lost his gold because of the goblins deals or thieves) and even increased rate of negative events for your money (like you see that your goblins thieves have stolen your gold or that mercenary you tried to hire was an part of an fraud or that awesome magical item you bought was an false) and even from time to time one of your goblins will sell itself to an opponent.My carriage returns does not works when I post it works only in the display because of that I can not make something readable should I remove this post for this reason? There is an TXT attachment for those who want to loose their time who contains more than this post(for example the units I through to but they are all lame and unoriginal) and have working carriage returns
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