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Thread: Purpose of the GFX Backers Forum

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    Purpose of the GFX Backers Forum

    What exactly is this forum supposed to be used for. It just showed up today and nobody has posted anything in it yet. I don't know what GFX means either. If a developer could help clarify what this forum should be used for, it would be nice.

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    GFX? Graphical effects? For backers who would like to be glowy glowy? XD

    P.S. - Clarification definitely needed. :P

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    This is where we'll be posting 2D/3D artwork that is done for the moment and await feedback from you guys. We should have some concept art here today. Since this is my first post I might as well say hi to everyone

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    Oh, hello!

    Thanks for the clarification!

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    Hey! Glad to see you on the forum! And nice art.

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    Your work is excellent and I am impatient to see what you can do with my Undead buddies
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