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Thread: High Men CA -> Spearman

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    In colour. That much interchangeable parts should please you

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    Looks good to me.

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    I still don't like the helmet. It is too "fitting". It looks like it gets smaller at the bottom, as if you had to put it on like a pair of blue jeans. It does look way better without the ears.

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    I really like the spearman. I also liked the "ears" a lot.
    Made me think the spearman was a highly decorated ceremonial guard of the sorcerer-king or something like that.

    The colored version certainly looks a lot more gritty and less ceremonial, fitting for an early unit, I think.
    If units do gain levels and experience, it'd be nice if you'd add the ears in the "Elite" level of experience and change the coloring scheme to a more golden and shiny.

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    In my mind golden armor is reserved for high elves if we go this route with them. For men I'm thinking grey metals, but really polished.

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    I totally agree

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    I agree as well.
    Honestly it is great to see someone is thinking about the High Elves. It is my understanding that the Elves that come with game will either be a conglomerate faction (hopefully not) or Sylvan Elves (hopefully) and that High Elves will come later. They have not even been an option in the race primaries though so I was a bit worried. I guess the thought is that with Sylvan? and Dark elves already in the release adding High Elves would be too much. While I generally agree (if it were up to me both high and dark would have come later in an Elf DLC but Dark Elves crushed my Orcs in that round) I'm still a little surprised it isn't even an option in the primaries.

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    That colorized version looks really nice.

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