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Thread: High Men CA -> Settler

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    I really think the artwork looks great but while thinking about it I really didn't think of a settler unit as a guy (or a group of 4 or 6 or whatever) guys on the world/tactical map.

    While I'm sure ampoliros was kidding, a large covered wagon that fills the whole tile filled with supplies, people, etc. actually seems more appropriate. Maybe that's just me and probably a result of them being covered wagons in MoM. I never really found that as being odd of funny.

    Also, right or wrong, I don't really think of settlers as combat units like the other units you make. I think of them more like workers and settlers in civ when they pretty much automatically lose in combat. I realize that Civ doesn't have tactical combat and I'm not saying that a settler unit that's alone shouldn't go into the tactical combat screen but I really don't see them as having weapons at all. In terms of D20 I think of them as the NPC "commoner" class with only d4 hit die, no armor or shield proficiency, and only a single "simple" weapon proficiency. An axe, even a handaxe is a "martial" weapon so using axes would result in them being penalized for using a weapon they aren't proficient in (strictly speaking in D20 terms, not that we are in any way required to use such a strict interpretation). A quarterstaff is "simple" weapon at least as is a club (which any improvised weapon is treated as in D20). If it has to be a guy (or set of guys) the I think I prefer the quarterstaff and backpack idea jshores suggested but again I really do think a large covered wagon type unit would be the best.

    This really has nothing to do with the art quality though. Again I think the art is visually fantastic it's just my personal opinion of what a setter conceptually is or isn't.

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    I see your point. However, we can discuss the mechanics of the thing later. For the moment we're talking about it from an art point of view. (And really giving human commoners a martial weapon proficiency is hardly a big leap. They still won't be able to stand toe to toe with real combat units, but they will at least be able to defend themselves to some extent.) Anyway, I still like the ax

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    I tend to associate axe-wielding civvies as Pioneers rather than Settlers but I appreciate the distinction is a fine one. The covered Wagon of MoM connotated a group of people moving into new lands pretty well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by War Troll View Post
    The covered Wagon of MoM connotated a group of people moving into new lands pretty well.
    Yes, the wagons imply they are bringing with them the supplies they need to begin construction of the new settlement... which is why they are so expensive.

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