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Thread: What what do we get from a circle per point?

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    What what do we get from a circle per point?

    Okay so, I had a look though the forums and I couldn't see anything on this topic. But that might just mean that I missed the great big glowing sign pointing to the answer I seek. :P anyway...

    So we all should know that:
    1 Fire + 2 Destruction = fireball
    2 fire + 1 Destruction = Fireball
    3 fire = fireball
    3 destruction = fireball
    That is pretty simple. i get that. HOWEVER... with three fire do we also get ALL the '3 point' fire spells a well? Like;

    with 3 destruction = Fireball, waterball, rockball, thunderball, Darkball, lifeball
    with 3 fire = Fireball, summon level 3 fire elemental, fire shield, Lust charm, Fire weaponry
    (As an example.)

    Or is it more like:
    3 destruction = fireball, waterball, darkball and there are no rockball,thunderball and lifeball
    and 3 fire = Fireball, fire shield, fire weaponry and there is no level 3 fire summon or lust charm.
    (as an example)
    Some circles not overlapping all the time. No tier 4 fire protect spell but there is a tier 4 life destruction spell. (as an example)

    Do you see what I mean or is a load of "what?"
    Sorry if this was answered already.

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    I don't know if Wastelands has made an official decision about how many spells you can research with X number of circles.
    What I can tell you is that in MoM the more spellbooks you had the larger percentage of all the spells of that domain you could research.
    And when in doubt, what MoM did is a good starting point for what WoM will do.

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