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Thread: Well fancy meeting you all here.

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    Well fancy meeting you all here.

    Hi all, I recognise a few names here from other forums that I am a member on and others from places where I only lurk now and again, as far as Wasteland go I own Road to Victory and the free Time of Wrath upgrade, which I still spark up to play from time to time.

    For my background I am in my mid/late 40's was an old school pen and paper AD&D player before we could play games on machines. I mostly play strategy WW2, medieval, fantasy and space games.

    I remember Master of Magic along with the Might and Magic and Warlords series of games that it spawned with some fondness so when I saw a kickstarter on this by a trusted software house I had to sign up and see.

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    Hi, I am also very happy to be here. I saw a lot of very interesting post.

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