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Thread: High Men CA -> Paladin

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    Good job!
    Two remarks BTW:
    - Maybe, as Asmodai said, a face-closed helm could make him look more threatening
    - On a horse, he should have wore a shield and a cavalry spear to be efficient when charging

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    Love the barding and trappings on the horse but the head looks a little blocky, like someone put a saddle on Falcor.

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    I forgot, we had a little redesign

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    The new guy sure does look good, but with the exception of the gold highlights he looks more like a Dark Knight than a Paladin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ampoliros View Post
    The new guy sure does look good, but with the exception of the gold highlights he looks more like a Dark Knight than a Paladin.
    Yeah, I have to agree. He's a little evil looking for a Paladin.
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    I disagree.
    I see my paladins as being capable magic users. So they'd have a mystic side that should make you stay away from these guys.
    And as a paladin, you'd have an armor that no other knight has (and there's a lot of 'em out there!). And you'd be wanting some privacy at the end of day as well, going home after a hard day's work. Thus, the closed helmet and the armor that says "do not approach unless ye demande is worth ye cause" or something like that.
    Good job again man!

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    He's too dark for my taste. I always picture paladins with gleaming whit armor.

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    Keep in mind that it's not dirty. It's HDR lighting in work, it's shiny so his surroundings are reflected in the armor. Not that it will matter in-game, I'm just trying to go the realism route You'll notice that on the 3D model the "bat" ornaments are gone too

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    I like the armor and the overall heavyness of it. Looks amazing. But the blue patterns look pretty similar to "TRON" and the face reminds me of a desepticon transformer . I think, it rather should have a closed helmet (such as tophelm or clapvisor) or have a good human face in case of open helmet. And the wolf face with red eyes doesn't really correlate with golden wings. Perhaps, that is why it looks more "evil" than it should.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirno9destiny View Post
    I thought that sword was a two handed sword, i mean the handle suggests that... can you use a two handed blade on horseback?
    Not without risking lopping your own horse's head of in the process. Single handed weapon (sword, mace, flail etc.) and shield is the usual setup except when charging (then it's usually spear or lance). Only time I've seen knights use two handed weapon is when they're fighting on foot.
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