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    Keep em coming. It's the weekend and I don't plan to delve into this until sometime next week. So, we've got plenty of time to keep kicking in ideas.

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    I talked about this one in the other thread: http://forum.wastelands-interactive....pell-Enrapture

    Name: Enrapture
    Circle: Mentalism
    Type: City Enchantment
    Cost: 500
    Upkeep: 25mp/turn
    Description: Target city and all units inside of it join your sorcerer lord for as long as the upkeep is paid. If this enchantment ends with some of your units that were built outside the city garrisoned inside the city, those units are moved to the nearest open square and the city reverts back to its original sorcerer lord.

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    Mentalism 9 (Deception->Death?)
    Tactical only
    Cost 75
    The ultimate charm spell, target must make a Will save at -8 or be under direct control of the caster for the remainder of combat. Opposing dispel attempts are also at -8. Command works on any person/monster which does not have immunity to charm.

    Dark Rituals
    Death 2 (Augmentation?)
    Town Enchantment
    Cost 30
    All mana generated by buildings is doubled at the cost of +1 Unrest and 25% slower population growth.

    Far Sight
    Air 1 (Summoning)
    Strategic Instant
    Cost 10/25/50 + more for distance
    Reveal a 5/10/15 diameter circle of the map. Fog of War slowly closes back in on the revealed terrain over 3 turns. Mana cost increases with distance from the Fortress. Up to X distance from Fortress would not have the distance penalty. 'X' should scale with world size and be 15-20% of the world's "equator." (Some, maybe all, factions would be able to build a magic repeater to cut down on the distance cost.)

    Mind's Eye
    Mentalism 4 (Air)
    Strategic Enemy Unit Enchantment
    Cost 100 / Upkeep 4
    Enchant an enemy unit so you can see through its eyes. Does not work on blind units.

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    Thanks for the input guys! I'm hoping we get more. We always seem to be a little slow on the weekends, lol.

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    Man,thats just too many choices for me.
    I probably will look at the Master of Magic spellbook soon and name all spells i want to reappear in this game for a start,sorted by MoM spell spheres.
    But before i do this,i need to know if you plan to make only a select few spells from MoM reappear,or like many of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    Thanks for the input guys! I'm hoping we get more.
    Oh, I have more spells I want to see in the game, I just started with the 4 I feel are more important.
    I'm with Mardagg and would like to see more of the MoM spells. I was going to also put in Prayer and High Prayer, but I noticed Prayer was already on the Wiki.

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    I would like to remind Aaron that there are a massive amount of spells already in the D20 SRD. All they need is to be put into circles and be given mana costs.

    I haven't played Master of Magic, so I do not have much else to say about the spells in this game. I'll give lots of suggestions and feedback once we start getting into D20 stuff, as I am much more familiar with that.
    I am waiting for the relaunch before playing Worlds of Magic, so I don't check the forums as often as I used to. In the meantime, the main forum I post at is, if anyone here needs to contact me.

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    I'd like to see a spell that summons a huge mountain of ice for a while that either stops or has a high 'movement' cost to get over it. Only lasts a few turns and you have to pay upkeep on it but it might be useful for a choke point.
    Huge walls of ice, ice storms, turning foes into snowmen, turning allies into ice golems, ice shields, ice shards, ice spike traps, slippy black ice on the ground... ice slides! Act like roads except you can't stop moving in the direction you were going in once you step on tile (or build on one). I like ice. ... Summon ice cream ie turn mana into food. Eye scream, an ice necromancy summon...or white walkers. Heart of ice to resist mental attacks. Ice-9 as a stupid expensive spell that will totally freeze any body of water.
    Sadly I can't think of costs for any of these because i'm not good at balance.

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    Cancerous growth - low level spell that is cast on enemies, does ability damage of a random type(or all kinds?) vs fort save.

    Cancer beast - Mid level spell that is cast on any unit(if cast on own, it can auto-fail the save, if on enemy, fort save), if the fail saves, it takes either a lot of con damage and if your con goes to 0, the unit will turn into a cancer beast, a creature that continues to grow until its life force goes out(at the end of combat), fighting in the combat under the casters control, possibly with stats somewhat derived from the host(keeping all extraordinary or supernatural or such abilities).

    Master of Positive Energy - Strategic spell. Very high mana upkeep. All positive energy effects cast by player get a 25% boost to their effect.


    Biomancy + Earth:

    Living mine - strategic level spell that if cast on a mine makes it work without needing workers, spewing out production in exchange for mana upkeep.

    Living mine mk2 - Battlefield spell that creates a handful of living mines hidden in the battlefield. Enemies that enter their tiles are attacked as the mine erupts, causing rock fragments to hurl on the unit. Each mine disappears after one use.

    Dust to dust - Strategic unit creation spell. Gathers up the dust of corpses from all around the land and forms it into an undead mass. Counts as a swarm unit that attacks by enveloping units and trying to suffocate them in itself.


    Biomancy + Water:

    Swamp-plague - Increases the growth of a swamp to cancerous rates, so it spreads to nearby tiles(2 tiles from the selected tile. New tiles can be infested too, but there's a manaupkeep), crippling their usefulness economically, but also creating a difficult to travel buffer defensively, or offensively so that enemies can't attack you as their lands are bogged down.

    Liquify - Turns the bones and flesh of the targeted unit into liquid and molds it into a simple slime. Fort save to resist.

    Rain of blood - A rain of blood erupts on the battlefield, causing fear to all units(both enemy and own) who fail a save. Each round a low DC saving throw vs Will is made or the fear effect grows worse.


    Biomancy + Air:

    Healing winds - A gust of positive energy sweeps the battlefield, healing living units by d6, dealing d6 damage to undead units. Affects all units on the battlefield.

    Energy tornado - Creates a vortex of energy on the battlefield(either one that moves randomly or under caster's control). If made of positive energy, heals the living and damages the dead, if made of negative, the opposite. Choice is up to user upon casting.

    Bagpipe abomination - Creates a unit that is: A huge bloated sack of flesh is imbued with negative energy to make it into an undead being. It is mostly empty and can both suck air inside it or blow it out. Sucking air within can contain mist and fog style spells(such as killing cloud, acid fog, solid fog, etc) from a tile next to it so they do nothing. Afterwards, it can blow the same thing out to a tile next to it, thus afflicting enemies with the effects. It can also simply blow out air, knocking feeble units to the ground, or suck in air to make flying units fall to the ground. If using the standard blowing or sucking, it also lets out a terrible wail that causes fear to nearby enemies.


    Biomancy + Fire:

    Ashes to ashes - Battlefield spell. Turns units killed by fire effects into an undead unit of equal HD that goes away after the battle is over. Ash creatures are immune to fire but otherwise similar to the original creature.

    Cleansing fire - Battlefield attack spell that hits multiple tiles. Undead units are burnt by a mix of fire and positive energy, but living units are healed of negative states as the fire burns away stat damage and exhaustion and the like.

    Breath of cleansing - Gives a unit the ability to use a breath attack that causes similar affects as above. Strategic spell that is cast on a unit in the global map, very high upkeep in mana.


    Biomancy + Destruction:

    Necrosis - Battlefield spell. All enemy units on the battlefield have their flesh rotten away, so they make a fort save each round(easy DC) or take 1 con damage. Lasts for the rest of the battle.

    Defilation - Strategic spell. Floods a tile with negative energy. Any forests or farms or other plant based things are destroyed and removed from the map.

    Unbearable light - Battlefield spell. Does positive energy damage to a large area on the battlefield. Does not heal living creatures, only damages undead.


    Biomancy + Mentalism:

    Create master brain - Strategic spell. Creates a powerful huge brain in a city that takes over the administration of the city, providing a bonus to resource production and such. Creates illusionary forces for defense when the city is attacked, and divines a large area around the city, effectively scouting 7 tiles in all directions. A sort of fantasy AI.

    Create brain parasite - Infects an enemy unit with a brain parasite, saving throw of either will or fort. If it fails, the parasite drains the mental stats of the enemy and forces the enemy to make a saving throw each round. On the rounds it fails, the brain parasite can control the unit.

    Manipulate minds - Battlefield spell. Enemy units roll vs will or get a morale penalty to their attacks due to fear. Friendly units get a morale bonus to their attacks.


    Biomancy + Death:

    Create soulsucker - Soulsuckers are vampiric creatures that eat the minds or souls of the enemies they kill, leaving behind the empty shell of a corpse, which rises under the control of the soulsucker's master.

    Ultimate Undead - Creates the ultimate manifestation of negative energy, the most powerful undead being in the world. Who knows what it can do.

    Master of Negative Energy - Strategic spell. Very high mana upkeep. All negative energy effects cast by player get a 25% boost to their effect.


    Biomancy + Summoning:

    Energy rift - Strategic spell. Cast on a single tile. Opens a rift to another plane, causing energy to flood out. Positive or negative energy can be chosen. All units in an army entering the area is either healed or damaged, depending on energy used and whether living or not. Average upkeep in mana.

    Augment summoning - Strategic spell. Very high upkeep. Any units created by magic by the wizard gain bonuses to their stats upon creation. If the spell is dispelled or cancelled, the bonuses go away.

    Summon energy beast - Strategic spell. Summons a creature that consumes energy, both positive and negative. It can use a breath attack that causes either. Any damage it deals to a unit(only living or undead, constructs not included), it also gains as temporary HP(up to half its max hitpoints, only half damage dealt by attack). Use of breath weapon also uses up some temporary HP.


    Biomancy + Protection:

    Wall of flesh - A spell that creates a wall of flesh around the targeted city. If the wall is breached, it heals the breach in a few turns. The wall may try to envelop enemy units in base contact with it and deal some damage.

    Bodily immunity - Makes the target either roll 20 on all fort saves, automatically succeed on all fort saves, or gives a bonus of 10 or such on fort saves. Possibly gives DR as well.

    Ward from undead - All units on battlefield gain AC and Save bonuses against attacks and effects from undead creatures.


    Biomancy + Augmentation

    Superhumanity - Allows for a +4 to all stats for the unit cast on, combat spell.

    Fear factor - All friendly units on battlefield gain immunity to fear and the ability to cause fear in enemies. Any fear effect they already have has its DC increased.

    Increase regeneration - Battlefield spell. Doubles regeneration or fast healingg of unit cast on.

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    I hope to start correlating the spell list soon. I had hoped to have time for it today, but I don't think that's going to happen, lol.

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