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Thread: Charm Sorcerer Lord

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    I just realized that I forgot to type the elemental circle for my spell. I meant to have the spell be a level nine Mentalism and Life spell, not a Mentalism and Water spell. The major uses of this spell are to end wars and gain new allies, which I think fits in well with Life. Water is definitely my second choice though.
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    I think I may have changed it to Water. Seems more directly "illusion" even if the illusion could be used to do good.

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    OK guys, I am FINALLY back to working on the spells list. Charm Sorcerer Lord is in I think (unless someone can come up with a good reason to drop it). The overview of the spell can be found here: Tentative Spells

    Now the question is what tier do we put it in? Thoughts?
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    That Tentative Spells link is broken.

    As for what tier.. honestly, in my opinion, that depends on how good the diplomacy engine is. If the AI is going to randomly declare war on you anyway, it should be low tier. If being friends with someone actually matters, it should be middle tier.

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    That's a good point actually... We need to shelve this until diplomacy has a framework for us to build on.

    And I fixed the link. Thanks for pointing that out
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