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Thread: Global Illusions

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    Global Illusions

    Global Illusions
    Circles: Water, Mentalism
    Description: Allows the wizard to cast a free illusion-based spell each battle, each turn. It takes neither any mana to cast, nor a spell casting turn, essentially being truly free.

    This is another interesting idea. I think it's powerful enough without being over the top. It would just take a bit of balancing in terms of casting and maintenance cost. Might need a better name as well.

    Feedback? Suggestions?

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    What about "Illusion Mastery" for a name?

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    +1 for Illusion Mastery

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    +1 for Illusion Mastery.
    I think the idea behind this spell is absolutely brilliant.
    I really love this.

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    Illusion Mastery seems like a winner to me

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