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Thread: Sentient Gasses

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    Sentient Gasses

    Sentient Gasses
    Circles: Air, ?
    Description: Any fog, mist or gas effects in the battlefield will be under your control, so you can move them one tile each turn. Possibly also protects own units from effects of said gasses. (possibly must roll caster level check to take control of enemy summoned gasses?)

    OK, again this is an interesting idea. However, I'm not sure it will really work in-game. The main issue is that it depends on gas effects being present on the battlefield. Even if you cast them yourself it's going to be a mana siphon. I mean, say you cast Stinking Cloud or something like that. You would have to then cast Sentient Gasses to get control of it and move it around. When Stinking Cloud ended that would be that.

    I can see where this spell could totally rule a battle, but only under very specific circumstances. I just don't think those circumstances are going to come up often enough for this spell to be worth researching.

    The long and short of it is this: There's not enough meat of this bone.

    Anyone have any meaty ideas?

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    I agree, there's not enough there. Now, if it affected the "Fog of War" where you could cover up your territories and hide them from your opponent's map, that would be cool.

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    The only way I see it working is if the spell actually summons a gas cloud itself. Forget about the taking control of existing clouds.

    The type of cloud could be random, even a weighted random depending on what cloud spells we have. Or the summoned cloud could have very specific effects, like maybe blind, confuse, minor damage per turn (and not all 3).

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    Well, it could be a global strategic spell that stays on, so you don't need to cast it separately for each battle. Or if it remained tactical, it could summon a handful of gasses at the same time the other effect takes place. Really, it depends on how common gasses, mists, fogs, etc are. In OGL, they're pretty common, and one would think on a battle field level, they'd be equally common and useful. Or you could just have it as a low level spell that affects a single gas type spell. I'm not terribly disappointed if it doesn't make it into the game, after all, most of my other ideas seem to be fairly liked.

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    OK, shifting it to a global spell really ups the power level. If we give it one free gas spell cast per turn or battle that would make it worth researching and casting. Then it would just be a matter of balancing it.

    Good suggestion.

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