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Thread: A Request on Spell Threads

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    A Request on Spell Threads

    Heya Aaron,

    I don't know if this is possible yet, but could you include a preliminary spell level on your spell threads going forward? I might like a spell's effect at level 3, but not at level 6. My feedback could vary quite a bit depending on whether a spell is easy to acquire with just a few levels in a circle or harder because you have to really commit to a circle.



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    I think Aaron is leaving the level off on purpose. Because what effects the spells end up having will determine the spell level.

    Instead of a specific level I think a general term like low level, medium level, high level would be a good idea though.

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    I have been leaving the level out on purpose. Right now we're deciding if we like the ideas. After that we'll discuss power and level. (A lot of that is going to wait until we're actually play testing things.)

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