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Thread: Mana Discharger

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    First of all I guess I'm confused. I assumed that this spell was defending against any spell cast against any part of your empire, not just the Lord himself. Seems very limited in the latter case.

    As far as the mana penalty goes, I suppose playtesting will sort it out.

    Here's an ironic twist...

    What if this spell must itself target one opponent to be the one requiring extra mana?

    Then that opens up the question if this should be one or two spells, offensive or defensive or a mix.

    Option 1 - Mana Shield

    Basically the spell in the OP.
    I do think 3x penalty is too much, 1.5x or 2x is probably better for complete defense. If we want 3x, then I would think the upkeep would be huge.

    Option 2 - Mana Leak

    Cast on one opponent as a Bane.
    That one opponent must pay extra mana on spells targeting you.
    The penalty on this one could be 3x.
    Low-Moderate upkeep.

    Option 3 - Mana Short

    Cast on one opponent as a Bane.
    That opponent must pay extra mana to cast any spell.
    1.5x or 2x penalty.
    Moderate-High upkeep.

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    First, I can see how any spell cast against you in any way could be effected by the spell. I think we should run with that. Although we will need to greatly reduce the cost increase. Make it x1.25 - x1.5 or somewhere around there (play testing).

    Second, I like the name change and the offensive version. I would vote for Mana Shield and Mana Short. What circles do they go in?

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    Mana Shield has a strong case for Protection. The element is less clear... Life Earth and Water all can make a case based upon the Wiki.

    Mana Short is more tricky. Destruction/Augmentation ??? for the effect. Death/Water ??? for the element?

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    I think I would pitch it thus:

    Mana Shield - Life, Protection
    The idea being that this is a totally defensive spell and so is kind of protection, protection, lol.

    Mana Short - Water, Augmentation
    The idea begin that you are modifying the target Sorcerer Lord with a negative augmentation. I may need to modify the wording of "augmentation" to show that it can be used as a weapon.


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    I think you would open up more design space by going with Augmentation.

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