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Thread: Fire Breath

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    Fire Breath

    Fire Breath
    Circles: Fire, Augmentation
    Description: Imbue the target with a fire-breath attack.

    We need a tier and exact effects. I think drawing from the breath attacks the Draconians are going to have is a good idea.

    Someone want to weigh in?
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    I think this should be around tier 4.
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    If it's the pre-attack like in MoM, and not a cone or cloud attack...

    1 to 5 strength (MoM terms) Fire attack on a mana slider - slow exponential growth on cost, maybe 20, 40, 70, 120, 220
    Like in MoM allows to engage fliers.
    Tier 3

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    Let's just set it at tier 3 for now and see how play testing goes
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