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Thread: Infuse Sun

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    I still like shoving the world closer to the sun better. For an opposing spell, you could just move the world further away from the sun. It would turn most colder areas to tundra or ice, but turn deserts to plains, jungles to forest, etc. For an effect circle, I'd like to propose Augmentation.
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    OK, moving the planet is certainly game changing, and it could be reversible. However, how would we handle to the changes turn by turn?

    This one may get pushed to the back burner just because there are a lot of takes on it and we don't seem to be coming up with a unified idea.

    It's a neat idea, but it seems to propagate a lot of other ideas that aren't really in synch with each other, lol.
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    The spell just moves the planet to it's new orbit once it is casted, and then the increased heat/sunlight changes however many tiles we end up choosing per turn as previously discussed?

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