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Thread: Ice Age

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    All units being slowed AND taking damages for EVERY turns sound very powerful to me, even if it has the drawback of affecting your own army. Either it should have a limited duration, or maybe, each unit get a saving throw every round, as long as it fails it's slowed and take damages, but once it succeded the saving throw once, it's no longer affected (and don't have to roll again) ? But sure, it depends of manacost & everything, play testing will help figure the proper parameters.

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    A small damage and slow each turn is not too powerful, especially since it affects your own army as well. Obviously the caster would only choose to use this spell if most of his units are at least resistant to cold (or if he's got a small number of high tier units vs a large number of low tier units).

    The save each turn is a great mechanic IMO. Having a unit be immune after making a save once doesn't fit the lore.

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    I like Arctic Chill!

    For balance we need play testing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ampoliros View Post
    or Arctic Chill

    Yeah, maybe we can get Dentine to kick in a few extra bucks for product placement ;-D

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    Lol lol lol

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