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Thread: Illusonary Bombs

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    Illusonary Bombs

    Illusonary Bombs
    Circles: Water, ?
    Description: Illusions are created that resemble powerful creatures. However, they are mere illusions, which explode when they are attacked in melee or if they attack someone in melee.

    Not sure what to make of this one. The idea is kind of neat, but it strikes me as a little odd as well, lol.

    You guys want to take a crack at fleshing it out? Can you move the “bombs” for instance? What kind of damage do they do? Etc.

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    Phantasmal creatures with proximity self-destruct.

    Hmmm... No. I don't like this one, doesn't fit the rest of the lore in the game, IMO.

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    I'd rather this just be a bolt spell for water or air mages. Maybe give units a +X to resistance since it's not real, but have it deal a good amount of damage if they fail the resist.

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    I could see it with the "bombs" doing mental effects, like, stunning the creatures nearby. But if they make real explosions, it would more be a fire/summoning spell that summon real little guys with bombs (like the bomb goblins in AoW) than illusion spell in water.

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    The original idea was a cross-circle spell that combined water and destruction magic. It was originally a strategic level spell, unless I'm mistaken, the idea was that casting the spell allows you to create an illusonary unit that you move like any normal unit, but when engaged in melee, it instead explodes, dealing damage to the one who struck it. (The unit would have the visual and seemingly mechanical characteristics of your choice(you choose a unit to base it on). Sort of like that one completely useless spell in MOM(Blur?), but one that would have a function, especially if there ever is multi-player.)

    For a single-player game, it hardly has any real function, at least from the players perspective, as fooling the AI is always a "did I fool it or is the AI just so dumb it doesn't know the difference?" which is pretty unsatisfying. Probably not worth implementing, IMO, just one of the wilder ideas.

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    Let's shelve it for now. Still, it's an interesting idea either way

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    If you want units that explode when killed, can I suggest Steam Explosions? Little water sprite things that explode into a blast of superheated steam when killed.

    Call it Steam Puppets or something.

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