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Thread: More Global Enchantments

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    More Global Enchantments

    We've already run through the proposed global enchantments. I know you guys have more ideas. So, what are they?

    For review:

    Proposed Spells
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    Quote Originally Posted by ampoliros View Post
    This is kind of along the lines of the Eye of Sauron. It seems to me like we might need some help against Rogues.

    Eye of Ronaa

    Any opposing Rogue within your territory makes its Hide in Shadows attempts at -2.

    Eye of Ronaa would be Water because it's Divination.
    The effect school is more tricky...

    • Mentalism - Your Sorcerer Lord is using his mental faculties to search
    • Summoning - The Eye could easily be a summon
    • Protection - Could easily be considered a protection spell
    • Augmentation - Instead of one giant Eye in your Fortress, it could be an Augmentation to all of your citizens which help them notice things in the shadows.

    This is obviously a Global Enchantment.

    The name Ronaa is Aaron backwards. I wanted to give a tip of the hat to all the work Aaron is putting in.

    Personally I vote against Augmentation because I want to see a giant eye in my Fortress.
    Also, I'm not sure what skill Rogues are going to have in the base game so this spell should be held off until Rogues get their sneaking skills built into the game.
    Moving this one over...

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    I love global enchantments. They're my favorite spells. I loved the animations from MoM. Anyway.

    How about these:

    Total War (Death, Destruction or Mentalism)
    Treaties cannot be signed while this enchantment is in effect.

    Air Mastery (Air, Augmentation)
    Your flying and naval units have their movement increased by +1 (similar to MoM's Wind Mastery spell)

    Cognizance (Earth, Mentalism)
    You know what strategic/global spells your opponents are casting.

    Nature's Bounty (Earth, Summoning or Augmentation)
    All resources on tiles you control provide double their bonus.

    Holy War (Life, Augmentation)
    Your city-built units gain [some bonus] in battle.

    Genocidal Decree (Death, Augmentation)
    Your city-built units gain [some bonus] in battle.

    Hermetic Path (Water, Mentalism)
    Production in all cities is halved, spell research is doubled, and defensive bonus from City Walls is doubled.

    Conjuration (Earth, Summoning or Biomancy)
    All summoned creatures you control gain [some bonus] in battle.

    Apocalyptic Chant (Death, Destruction)
    At the beginning of each sorcerer-lord's turn, one of the following happens: a volcano is raised somewhere, a meteor shower hits a random city, a random unit is killed, an earthquake hits a random city, a random tile is changed to desert, or a random resource is depleted.
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    Since the consensus for the <Circle> Mastery spells seems to be to go with a template, I'm pulling my spell names into this thread.

    Divine Conduit
    Life / Augmentation
    The Sorcerer Lord allows himself to become an avatar of his chosen god thus increasing his Spell Power by X and makes all his spells harder to be resisted while the upkeep is paid.

    Unholy Pact
    Death / Destruction
    The Sorcerer Lord strikes a pact with a demon ceding control of one of his cities to the Demon. The Demon city will become an Independent Empire which is allied with the caster. The Demon city gets a Demonic Portal which has a chance to spawn a demon unit each turn.
    (OK, so I guess this is more of a Strategic Instant spell)

    Sky Command
    Air / Biomancy
    The atmosphere cooperates with the caster's units giving all the caster's flying units +1 move and +1 to all attack/defense rolls.

    Harness the World
    Earth / Augmentation
    All the caster's cities get +X production bonus.

    Amok Chaos
    Fire / Destruction
    Any enemy stack in the caster's territory has an X% chance of being struck by a Destruction spell the caster has researched.

    Trident's Benefit
    Water / Protection
    The caster's naval units have +1 move and +1 AC.

    _______'s Amplifier (______ being Elannra's greatest augmentation specialist of lore)
    Augmentation / Water
    The caster's Augmentation spells are harder to Dispel.

    Corporeal Capacitor
    Biomancy / Life
    The caster's living units gain +X HP.

    Devastating Aura
    Destruction / Fire
    The caster's cities are protected by an aura which does D4 fire damage to enemy units each round of tactical combat.

    Augur of Elannra
    Mentalism / Water
    The caster is not effected by Fog of War. (must still have mapped tiles to see them)

    _______'s Bulwark (______ being Elannra's greatest protection specialist of lore)
    Protection / Earth
    The caster's cities get an earthen wall surrounding them. Cities with a wall already built, the wall is bolstered by +X HP.

    Ronaa's Yoke
    Summoning / Life
    The caster's summoned units gain +X to all saving throws, +2X to Will saves.
    Summoning spells cost 20% less to cast and the summons summoned while Ronaa's Yoke is in effect gain +X HP.

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    Chaotic Rift
    Destruction / Augmentation
    Create a rift between Elannra (PMP) and one other plane you know how to travel to. The Rift has a X% chance to deal D8 damage of the element of the connected plane to each unit which travels between the 2 planes.

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    And we can't forget about...

    Arcane Circle
    Attempt to dispel a global enchantment

    Spell Blast
    Arcane Circle
    Attempt to "dispel" a spell as it is being cast.

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    Some random ideas :

    Call to Arms (Life, Protection) : when a city you control is attacked, one low-level unit is created to defend it, every three population point of the city. If the unit is destroyed, the city loses one population point.

    Call to the Deep
    (Water, Summoning) : every turn, one randomly chosen enemy naval unit is attacked by lurking monsters.

    Heroic Fervor (Fire, Mentalism) : all heroes unit you control gain +25% experience points they receive in battle, but receive a -1 penalty to defense and/or saving throws.

    Earth Awarness (Earth, Mentalism) : the location of all cities (with what information (size, owner, race, ...) is to be decided) is displayed on the map.

    Whispering Winds (Air, Mentalism) : each time an opponent casts a spell you can research (because of school requirements) but didn't research yet, there is X% change you receive knowledge of that spell.

    Memory Feast (Death, Mentalism) : each time you slain an enemy unit, you gain research points depending of the XP of the slained unit. Especially efficient when killing heroes.

    I tried to make one per element, and ended up with lots of mentalism... dunno why

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    Good stuff guys. It's going to take me a while to wade through it. Things are getting busier and busier, lol.

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    End of Myths (Death, Conjuration)
    The Caster creates a powerful vortex of negative energy which absorbs all magic. At the start of each players turn it has a (Percent) chance to remove each enchantment (Checked separately on a per enchantment basis) on their units, and a (Smaller Percent) chance of banishing each summon they have. (Also checked on a per summon basis)

    Golden Age (Life, Mentalism)
    The Caster uses a powerful invocation of Positive Energy to make his kingdom simply feel good about themselves. Greatly decreases all unrest in all his settlements.

    Life Beyond Death (Life, Augmentation)
    Allows all friendly living units to live on beyond death, causing all slain mortal troops in battle to have a chance to rise again as Positive Energy ghost versions of themselves until the battle is finished or they are slain a second time. Units in this state are a valid target for resurrection spells, which will return them to their normal living state.

    Zombie Age (Death, Augmentation)
    Infuses all living units with necrotic energy, causing them, on their deaths, to have a chance to rise up as independent zombies and go rampaging around the map.

    Landlock (Earth, Augmentation)
    Infuses the world with the stabilizing power of Earth, preventing any terraforming spells from working until this enchantment is removed.

    Elemental Fury (???, Conjuration)
    Awakens the elemental spirits of the worlds and drives them to a fury, causing a chance each turn of independent Elemental stacks spawning from any uncontrolled Founts every turn.

    Fateful Omens (Life???, Mentalism)
    Summons fateful omens in the skies above to guide heroes to you, greatly increasing the chances that wandering heroes will attempt to join your empire.

    Rising Rage/Age of Barbarians (Fire, Mentalism)
    Causes a rising fury to possess the independent cities of this age, greatly increasing the rate in which they spawn independent marauding parties to menace all civilized lands.

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    What MoM spells are automatically in, if any?

    Awareness is another must-have, IMO.

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    +1 for Awareness

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