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Thread: More Global Enchantments

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    OK folks, once again we've hit the end of the Global Enchantments.

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    That's okay, IMO. They should be the least common spell type.
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    Not sure if I missed it but I'm surprised no one has suggested following spell:
    Update: there are so very few global water spells. I'll add another one.

    Great Flood / Endless Ocean
    Global enchantment: Each turn existing ocean tiles expand by one pushing shoreline further inland. Any tile adjacent to mountains or cities is converted to shore as the ocean approaches them but all other tiles are eventually consumed by the expanding ocean. Once the enchantment ends for any reason the process is reversed with ocean tiles slowly turning back to their original state. While the spell is in effect each round there's a chance for neutral water unit(s) to be summoned from the plane of water to one of the ocean tiles.

    Note: This is basically a turtle player spell. It blocks building of new cities and punishes those with a lot of troops without removing existing cities or units. Since this affects also your cities it's more of an endgame spell where you can go around razing/conquering enemy cities while making sure new ones are not built.


    Bountiful Ocean
    Global enchantment: Doubles the the food and gold bonus from ocean, river and shore tiles. Each turn there is a small chance that whales or pearls spawn near any of your cities within sufficient range from ocean or shore that don't already have such resources.

    Note: this spell is pretty obviously a prosperity spell but focuses on elements that water provides and depends on water tiles. I think it's a good fit and inclusion of rivers and shores makes it more versatile.
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    Untamed Wilds
    Global enchantment: Forests, jungles and swamps start spreading slowly consuming all-non ocean terrain squares. All animal and earth units gain a bonus to their attack, defense and saves. Additionally wild game has a chance to spawn on any forest square near your city that doesn't already have one.

    Notes: I like large scale terraforming spells but this also makes earth units stronger and adds wild game to offset the food production you might lose from the loss of plains. Could be biomancy too.


    Falling Stars
    Global Enchantment: Each turn there's a chance that a "star" falls to a random unoccupied map tile. The falling star turns out to be a feature from following list:
    1. celestial proxy (i.e. angel)
    2. eldritch horror from beyond the stars (okay, just an imprisoned demon)
    3. starmetal (i.e. iron, mithril or admantine)
    4. gems
    5. mana crystals
    6. magic item
    7. ancient temple (it got planeshifted!)
    8. legendary hero Kal-El

    Notes: bonus points for anyone who gets all the references. I think ore, gems, and mana crystals have to be veins unless they can also exist as free floating resources?
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    Sphere of Resistance
    The mana cost for all Global and Strategic spells is increased by 10%.

    I don't think we have a global one for this yet, do we?

    Vast Acuity

    The mana cost for all Global and Strategic spells is decreased by 10%.

    The opposite of the one above. Definitely a two-edged sword, tho.
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    Angelic Pact
    Life/Protection (or maybe just Life, as a 9th-circle spell)
    Every time one of your unit is killed in battle, it respawn on your summoning circle at the end of the battle. You must pay a mana cost equal to the unit's building or summoning cost, if you can't pay, the unit isn't respawned. The unit keeps its experience points and special abilities (like magical weapons if it was built in a city with an alchemist guild) but loses all unit enchantements and items.

    Following the pattern
    The construction of any building that you already have in at least 3 cities goes twice as fast.
    Notes: in MoM (and in more generally in 4X) cities built/conquered later in the game tend to be not very useful since they take too long to develop, this spell lowers that effect.

    Feed on the Dead
    Every time one of your unit is killed, its experience points are distributed between the surviving units of the stack.

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