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Thread: Mind Wrack

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    Mind Wrack

    Mind Wrack
    Circles: ?, Mentalism
    Description: One enemy unit selected gets -5 to its will save. This spell allows for no save.

    Simple and elegant. However, it has to allow a will save just to keep things “fair”. What we can do is allow you to spend additional mana to make the initial will save more difficult.

    What element should we put it in?


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    my initial thought is Fire for the element.

    and I agree with the need for a save and the power slider.

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    This needs to be a level 1 spell. It's super weak even with a power slider (which I like). I actually think that since it's provided a negative penalty to a unit, it belongs in the Death circle.

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    Fire is a great choice. And I agree that it's a "tee" spell. Your getting them ready for another spell. As such it should be low cost and easy to cast. It's to make sure your charm spell isn't wasted, etc.

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    OK, I think Mind Wrack is an obvious tier 1 spell. You can find an overview here: Tentative Spells
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    I added this one to the Wiki proper:
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