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    Circles: ?, Summoning
    Description: Summons a powerful creature that can dominate other creatures by merely using its gaze attack at them.

    OK, I'm not sure about this one. It's not that I don't like the idea in the most general terms, it's just that I only have general terms to go by. Does anyone have any example “brainlord” creatures we can use as a reference? (Wasn't there some kind of brain with legs monster in Forgotten Realms? The Grell don't really use their giant brains for much IIRC.) Either way, we've got to have specifics on this. We have to have a monster to put with the spell. Also, once we have a monster we need to assign it to an element.

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    Illithids in (A)D&D would qualify. And if they are Illithid-like, then Water would be the element (Illithid are squid-like, slimmy, don't like sunlight, ...).

    Personnally I'm not too fond of mind domination, it's frustrating when your super boosted hero gets dominated ! But it's part of the game, so I don't mind having a few, as long as there are ways to defend against the spell, or that dominated powerful units is hard. Or only lasts for a short while. But all that can be balanced in play testing.

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    Beholder is what I picture. (I know Beholders did more than dominate, but...)

    Death would be a good choice for element.
    If the Brainlord's side wins the battle, the dominated unit dies at the end of combat.
    If the Brainlord dies in combat the domination instantly reverses.
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    Yes, yes, Illithids obviously, lol. I was thinking of some "brain based" creature. (It turns out I was thinking of an Intellect Devourer Either way, something like the Illithid would probably be a better fit (keep in mind both Illithid and Mind Flayer are D&D, not D20, but we could do something similar).

    Death is a good choice for the element, but I think we should save "beholders" (also property of Wizards of the Coast) for another spell. Beholders strike me as chaos and therefore Fire.

    For the moment I would say we need to come up with our own mind dominating monster not called Brainlord (no offence, it just sounds 80's B movie to me, lol).


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    We could always use Eye-Boulders instead.

    More seriously, how about the Mastermind?

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    I'm not all that excited about this spell, but I do see it's purpose. For the record, beholders were called Chaos Spawn in MoM.

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    Illithids eat intelligence, they don't dominate.

    What about something like the Ood from Doctor Who?

    Name... Domineer

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    The Ood seem more like victims of mental control than masters of it, lol. (Plus I don't buy Ood juice making you an Ood. Maybe it's just me...)

    Let's shelve the idea for the moment either way. I've begun working on the Roaming Creatures list (as most of you know) and we have to fit the summons into that for the short term.

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    So, I'm still not feeling this one. Does anyone want to champion it?
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    Oh, ee's died.
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