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Thread: Imbue with Smiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnReeve View Post
    It is not, in any way, confusing or comolicated. It also serves to show the relationship among the elemental circles.
    I didn't mean to say it's conceptually difficult. More that from a player perspective, it's cumbersome.

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    By the example shown, it already works by 'enchanting' weapons with elemental damage, as per the example being a smite undead spell that added positive energy to a unit's attacks.

    My vote for the name is Fire/Ice/Acid/Lightning/Sacred/Evil Weapon though.

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    If we break it into separate augmentation spells and make it add a bonus damage die of a particular type I think it could work. Flaming Weapon (which I'm sure has been proposed somewhere and is going to be in the game either way) would add 1d6 (or 1d4 or 1d2 or whatever balance demands) fire damage. If you attack a human they get burned. If you attack a water creature they get extra burned. If you attack a fire creature they get no burn at all. I don't think Destruction is going to be short on spells either way, lol.

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    I was about to move this spell to the tentative list, but I wanted to see if anyone had anything to add before I do. As it stands I was going to break it into six spells adding an appropriate damage type for each elemental spell circle. It may not be dripping with flavor, but it strikes me as very meat and potatoes.

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    That's what I like about it, Aaron. You need meat-and-potato spells in 4x games. Have you thought about making them tactical spells, too?

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    A lot of these are going to be "double duty". I'm just not going to bother sorting that out until I actually start moving the spells into the right locations in the Wiki. And that may be a few more weeks, lol.

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    Cool beans.

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    OK, I'm back to this. The current plan is to break it into six spells adding six different types of elemental damage. Now, you'll be able to do the same thing by making permanent magic weapons, but these spells could work as a temporary version on the battlefield. They can also work on regular units as well as heroes.

    How many +1s do we have? Anyone want to suggest names?
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    +1 and I'll suggest these:

    Aquatic Smite
    Flaming Smite
    Airy Smite
    Stoning Smite
    Deathly Smite
    Living Smite
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    +1, and as for name Weapons of [Element] is what I vote for.

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