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Thread: Living Mine MK2

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    Living Mine MK2

    Living Mine MK2
    Circles: Earth, ?
    Description: Creates a handful of living mines hidden in the battlefield. Enemies that enter their tiles are attacked as the mine erupts, causing rock fragments to hurl on the unit. Each mine disappears after one use.

    Not sure about the “living” aspect here. I can see creating magical traps the enemy can't see, but I would base the idea on “Runes” and give it a name to match.


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    Archmage of the Inner Ring ampoliros's Avatar
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    Would we have an entire collection of Rune spells?

    For this one, maybe...
    Proximity Rune
    Earth / Destruction
    Place a Rune unseen by your enemy on the battlefield. When the Rune tile is stepped on the Rune explodes doing piercing damage to the unit plus reduced splash damage to the surrounding tiles.

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    From a language perspective, I like 'rune' better than 'mine'. This does open up opportunity for a variety of affects. Eg, floor tile turning to water, or a tornado spawns, or a gusts of wind (etc) when the trap is triggered.

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    +1 for Proximity Rune as ampoliros wrote it.

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    A set of "Rune" spells might be a good idea. I certainly like Proximity Rune. (Not sure about the name though... Ye Old Proximity mine may not fit the fantasy feel. Claymore Rune... Rune C4... We need something more fantasy, lol.)

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    +1 to the Rune spells. -1 to calling them mines.

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    Maybe just make all the runes spells as trap spells of different types. This makes the naming consistent. The 'proximity' is therefore unnecessary in the name.

    I don't see the 'living' side of it as having much value unless, say, they moved around themselves once cast/placed?

    "Rune of stones" <-- the hurling rock trap idea.
    other examples
    "Rune of turbulent air" <-- if the unit fails to spot the trap a tornado is created
    "Rune of foetid air"<-- if the unit fails to spot the trap a gas cloud

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    How about Explosive Rune? ^_^

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    I like Explosive Rune

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    +1 for Explosive Rune, but should it be Earth or Fire then ?

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