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Thread: Illusonary Minerals

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    Illusonary Minerals

    Illusonary Minerals
    Circles: Earth, Mentalism
    Description: Creates an illusion of a mineral. No benefit is gained from it, except fooling enemies.

    I really like this one. However, I can't imagine ever being able to use it effectively. Can anybody pitch a scenario where you cast Illusionary Minerals and get your enemy to do something stupid? Like I said, I really like the idea, I'm just not sure it flies here...

    Any way to make it feasible?

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    It makes more sense in a multi-player game. Against a AI, I can't see it being effective at all. But if I could fake an Ademantium in a really lousy spot, maybe I can trick a real person into wasting resources to chase it.

    At a reverse type spell, what about "Mask Resources: (tile enchantment) Hides all resources present on this tile to other sorcerer-lords." This would also be more useful in a multi-player environment if you find some mithril or whatever but don't have the resources to build and protect a city there yet.

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    Unless minerals give a _huge_ advantage, I don't see that much utility in this spell. As a min/maxer, I always took full advantage of minerals, but I honestly never noticed much of a difference between units that benefited vs. units that didn't.

    The only case I could see would be if this were used to put several mineral deposits around the town to make it appear like a target... but I think non-AI would see it as an obvious trap.

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    I think a "masking" spell could work. Especially if you combine it with Divine Minerals or what have you. You could find the goodies and then hide them from your enemies. It will take some play testing though, which does push it down the list a bit...

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    So, is "Hide Minerals" our final take on this? Will that be beefy enough to justify a spell?
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    I'm sceptical about such a spell, because location of mineral is mostly useful for founding cities, which is done in the early game. And in early game, you don't know much about the ennemy position, and you need your few mana/research points/casting skill to do more useful things, IMHO.

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    If this is a large AoE, like 10x10 tiles or more, I can see it being useful as a land grab spell. Make a prime piece of real estate seem less desirable to your enemies if you can't settle it right away.

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    It'd have to be an early spell, but it could still be useful. Or it could be useful when people are competing to expand onto other planes if it shows up later, allowing you to convince enemies that their is nothing good in the area. Might be worth making a spell that hides living resources too if we want to go down that path though.

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    I'm back to this one. I'm not sure I dig it really. Anyone want to champion it?
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    We might need it so Mentalism has a low level spell. I've gotten the impression (perhaps wrongly) that most mentalism spells are mid and high tier.
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