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Thread: Create Volcano

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    Create Volcano

    Create Volcano
    Circles: Earth, ?
    Description: Makes a mountain into volcano.

    We might want to keep this one separate or just roll it into Raise Earth.


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    I think you should just straight port the MoM spell "Raise Volcano" including the name. It makes a volcano and gives you a mana per turn.

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    Archmage of the Inner Ring ampoliros's Avatar
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    Volcano should definitely be separate.

    Fire / Alteration seem the best fit to me.

    The MoM spell was IIRC Raise Volcano and it would create a volcano anywhere, not just on a mountain. Do we keep the MoM version or only alter an existing Mountain?

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    +1 for make a volcano anywhere and for a separate spell.

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    I think I agree.

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    If we can get away with it, "Raise Volcano" is a better name.

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    The idea with this was supposed to be that this is a lower level version of "Raise Volcano" so the "Create ..." version required a mountain already be there whereas the higher level version would "Raise Volcano" allowing you to make a volcano anywhere instead of just where there was already a mountain.

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    I can see that point as well. Still, with Raise Volcano you can get the job done. We may fit this one in if we have room for it. If not it can stay on the shelf.

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