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Thread: The In-Between Elves

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    The In-Between Elves

    OK, first off that's not their name. So what is their name? That's something we need to decide on. However, before we all start jumping in here we need to get organized. These culture discussions tend to get long and complex. So, we're going to do our best to keep the point of each post clear. Having seen how the other culture discussions have gone I decided to try to go about this one in a slightly different way. We're going to begin by discussing the units and then flesh out the culture from there. Why? Because WoM is a turn based strategy game, not a role playing game. We have to make the faction viable, then we can work out the lore. (I know with the others I've gone the other way around, but “in-between” could spin off in any direction. If we have a unit list we can use it as a reference point.)

    Ye Olde Rules:
    Thou Shalt:
    Make suggestions for a new name. (Has nothing to do with units, but we can't keep calling them IB Elves...)
    Make unit suggestions complete with equipment.
    Support your suggestions with solid TBS arguments. (Tell us what your unit list has going for it.)
    Share a single unit you would like to see. (Maybe you don't have a whole list.)

    Thous Shalt Not:
    Start debating culture. (We'll get to that.)
    Start discussing buildings. (We'll get to that.)

    That's enough to get the ball rolling.
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    Grey Elves would be my first suggestion. In Tolkien lore (which this game-and most other fantasy games-is based on) the grey elves would be the In-Between Elves standing in the middle of the Sylvans and the Noldor. Grey Elves is a term familiar to most gamers, so it would instantly strike a note.

    Conversely, I would just suggest we keep this group of elves the Sylvan Elves. They live in trees, love nature, who cares if they know how to use metal and some technology. The true tree-hugging elves we can call Wild Elves later.

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    This may sound really stupid, but what about calling them " Elves"

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    Quote Originally Posted by zdsdead View Post
    This may sound really stupid, but what about calling them " Elves"
    I shall go ahead and second that. If there are no other elves in the world, then our elves wouldn't feel any need to distinguish themselves from anyone, no? I just makes perfect sense naming them just "Elves".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimyrielle View Post
    I shall go ahead and second that. If there are no other elves in the world, then our elves wouldn't feel any need to distinguish themselves from anyone, no? I just makes perfect sense naming them just "Elves".
    I'd agree with this, if they truly are the only elves. If not, I would also be ok with grey elves, though maybe we can try something more... interesting? I'll post if i think of something that fits.
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    Ok, I´ll start

    - Unicorn Rider: cavalry unit which uses a unicorn as mount and spear as weapons; abilities: charge (move once 3 tiles per turn instead of 2), heal (as holy units, the horn of the unicorn allows their rider to be healed for a certain amount once per combat)

    - Sharpshooter: archer unit which has long bows and high accuracy; abilities: long shot (can once per combat shoot one tile farther)

    - Guard: strong infantry unit wearing mail armor and wielding long swords+shield; abilities: defence (can once per combat take a defence stance, where it takes half damage), swift feet (can move at normal speed through any terrain except for water and mountains)

    - Pixie: scout; small fairy unit consisting of many small pixies; abilities: flying; can reveal invisible units

    - Treants: melee/catapult unit; just imagine the look of LotR, abilities: boulder dash (unit hurls a big boulder x amount of tiles); hardend bark (unit takes only 50% damage from normal weapons but 150% from fire based weapons)

    - Druid: mage unit with a green long robe; can cast basic earth/light spells and has a long range attack

    - greater Whisp: settler unit; moves faster through woods and hill tiles

    - White Wolves: tamed white wolves which act as fast but relatively weak infantry unit; hydrophobia (can inflict hydrophobia, dealing DoT to the enemie unit)

    - Mounted Elite: an archer/cavalry unit riding on horses; abilities: can swap weapons, either wield a short bow with a smaller range then the sharpshooter or switch to short swords for melee combat

    - Pegasus (Rider): flying unit; a white Pegasus either with or without aan elven rider in a shiny armour bearing a spear; abilities: skydive (unit dives from sky without the chance of retalation of the enemy unit);
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    In today's world of marketing and commerce something so simple and elegant is a non-starter. We need to divide the elves into distinct ethnic groups so we can show customers just how different thses same things are.

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    Elvish Alliance or Elvish Brotherhood would nice for "in-between" elves, ie, elves that have some "high elf" and some "sylvan elf" units.

    I'm also ok with Grey Elves. Or Sindar as they are called in LOTR, but many LOTR names are trademarked and can't be used without legal problems, IIRC.

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    I also like Grey Elves. If you go that way, please be sure to NOT spell it with an "a".

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    I would prefer Elven Alliance. Grey Elves in D20 are basically what most people would consider High Elves. Ironically D20 High Elves are pretty much In-Between Elves. I'd write a more detailed post, but I have to leave soon so unfortunately I can't.
    I am waiting for the relaunch before playing Worlds of Magic, so I don't check the forums as often as I used to. In the meantime, the main forum I post at is, if anyone here needs to contact me.

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