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Thread: Manipulate Minds

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    Manipulate Minds

    Manipulate Minds
    Circles: ?, Mentalism
    Description: Enemy units roll vs will or get a morale penalty to their attacks due to fear. Friendly units get a morale bonus to their attacks.

    Not a bad battlefield-wide spell, but I'm not sure what element to put it in. Plus I don't think this should be a genuine “fear” effect necessarily. A sort of confidence for your men and anti-confidence for your enemies is how I would envision it.


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    I think we can stick it in various elemental circles by changing the lore a bit. Could be a "air" spell that creates micro-climate (light sun on your units, soaking rain on enemies), could be a water spell that distorts vision, could be a fire spell that summons a illusionary fire burning the enemies (not actually harming them, but scaring them and inspiring our own troops), could be a earth spell making the ground behind enemy units slightly unstable, not enough to actually harm them, but enough to unsettle them (but then flyers should be immune). Not sure what version I like the most.

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    Interesting suggestions. Do we have more?

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