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Thread: aborting spell

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    aborting spell

    I have a question about aborting spell.

    If you must abort casting a spell, do you loose the mana spent?
    I mean, by example:
    I am creating an artifact "the flaming banana", still 3 turn until it's done.
    suddenly, a bad unit of coconut is threatening my fortress.
    I stop casting the artifact in order to cast a bananastorm to destroy those evil unit.
    I recast the flamming banana spell. Do I must redo from the beginning or is there still 3 turn to complete?

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    I spoke about the "I've to abort my long casting spell to cast a short one" problem in the "what didn't you like about MoM" thread, and it seems there might be a way to "pause" a spell and then resume casting in WoM, but nothing is fixed yet.

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