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Thread: Create River

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    Create River

    Name: Create River
    Circles: Water, ?
    Description: Creates a river source that then flows toward nearest river/water tile.

    This is the counterpart to destroy river. The thing is, this would require the engine to support dynamic river creation. It's not a problem if there's enough interest, but how should it work? I think choosing a path for the river might be a little over powered, but just saying “make a river from here to the sea” might not be useful enough.

    The question is “How much support does this idea have?”

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    In SMAC where you could have your formers "drill to aquifer" to create a river, the river followed the topography. Each tile had an elevation associated with it.

    I'm guessing WoM isn't that sophisticated so I see your dilemma. Maybe the river spells get pushed to DLC. Because I can see create river also being used to turn swamps into lakes for instance.

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    I'm not sure how the terrain engine works in MoM but if tiles have an elevation rating then when you "create river" on a tile it will check adjacent tiles for the tiles that of = or lower elevation. If NONE were available then maybe it just makes a lake in that tile as rivers don't flow up hill. Preference would be given to the lowest elevation adjacent tile (randomly pick between ties). Once that first move is made then you have the "flow direction". Instead of checking all 8 adjacent tiles you just check the 3 in front and the two side ones so the rivers don't double back harshly (max 90 degree turn in one tile move... though they can double back over multiple tiles). Again lowest tiles preferred and lake created if none available. This time though when there is ties going straight is prefered. So if there is a tie for lowest adjacent tile it would go to straight first, then diagonally, then to the sides (if the two lowest adjacent tiles are the diagonals though then it would just be random between them again.) This continues until it hits water (coast, lake, another river, etc.) or creates it's own lake due to no lower or equal elevation tiles in it's path.

    Not sure if that's what you were asking but it's an idea for how to implement it. No idea how hard that would be to do though so if it's too much I can certainly understand that. It would be a cool feature but only you can make the cost/benefit analysis.

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    Finding the river's path isn't difficult (it does that for the rivers now), it's the dynamic angle I have to think about, lol.

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    Maybe a player has 2 choices:

    1 Choose the spell target as a bit of coastline and a river is formed from the nearest water source (lake or mountain or whatever) assuming a water source is in range.
    2 Choose the spell target a water source and the river flows to the nearest coast

    This would mean the player could work out what the rough path would be, but it'd be a risk as he/she might get it wrong, and the path would always be a bit random.

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    We've started putting some technical thought into this. I should have some more information soon

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