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Thread: Create Forests

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    Create Forests

    Name: Create Forests
    Circles: ?, ?
    Description: Plains to forests, swamps to jungle.

    So, it's terraforming all over the place round here. There really is a lot to consider. Take this spell for example. It underlines a point that I haven't mentioned up until now (I don't think anyway) and that is that Forest is a terrain type. In MoM you had forests and hills, but not forested hills. This is simple and elegant and we planned to stick with it. For one thing hills is the only place it seems to matter. Forested plains are just forests, swamps and mountains don't have forests IMO. Now, if forest is a separate terrain type then it doesn't fit into Raise/Lower Terrain. So, where does it fit in?

    I'm tuning my brain to terraforming so open up and share your thoughts on the subject.

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    Well, terrain is one area WoM could (and IMO should) improve upon over its predecessor. I've explained my position in the Raise Terrain thread.

    Come to think of it, terraforming needs its own thread, which I'm starting now...

    Magical forest creation is fine...

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    I don't think raising or lowering terrain should ever create forests. I agree with Forests being it's own tile but you'd have to use this spell to create them. Raise/Lower Terrain would go from hills to plains to swamps. Create Forests would turn ANY land tile to a forest tile (possibly destroying hills/mountains/swamps, etc). If "Raise Volcano" can make a swamp into a volcano then I don't see why "Create Forest" couldn't turn one into a forest. Maybe call it "Grow Forest" though...

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    +1 for this spell.

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    I weighed in on the terraforming thread

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