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Thread: Forest Fire

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    Forest Fire

    Name: Forest Fire
    Circles: Fire, Destruction
    Description: Forest tile deals fire damage to all units in tile, next 5 turns becomes plains with extra % to farmers food output of city, after that stays plains, but no bonus.

    At it's heart this is a terraforming spell that damages any army on the tile it's cast on at the time of casting. I think we should pull out the extras and simply make it burn the army and change the terrain to plains in a single turn. It may not have as much flare, but it's easy to understand and easy to implement.

    This one could also use a little more in the name department IMO.


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    Isn't this Burn Forests?

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    This seems familiar.

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    Lol, and it is very familiar. However, we got both suggestions, so I thought we could discuss both. Plus, this one adds the idea of damaging any army on the tile at the time the spell is cast. I think that could be a good addition.

    Oh, and I'm going down the proposed list from top to bottom. There are a lot of spells and I ran up on Burn Forests before I got to this one. Had I noticed I would have combined the ideas into one post.

    Keep in mind that I'm very very busy

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    They are still very similar and the unit damage was suggested in the other thread.
    I think 1 spell is good.

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    I agree. We need to pick 1 direction and follow that.

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