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Thread: More Tactical Spells

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    Ah. I see. Sorry if I gave that impression. I merely gathered them together so I wouldn't keep proposing something that has already been proposed. My inner designer always gets the best of me so I'm afraid I'll be spammi...err proposing I mean... spell suggestions a lot. I fully realize most of them are never likely to make it into the game. I merely do it for fun.

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    It's great we have someone else who wants to propose spells too. I'm out of ideas atm
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    Cloud of Embers
    Large AoE: cloud of burning smoke and embers inflicts fire damage to any unit that ends their turn within it. All units within the cloud have penalty to hit as do all attacks targeting units within the cloud. The cloud persists for multiple turns.

    Note: battlefield control. Not as damaging as lava font but more controlled, larger and has more utility. Lasts shorter time though. Fire already has fireball and flame strike for direct damage. It needs a few controls and debuffs as well thus lava font and this. Plus fire could use a combat summon that is not an unit.


    Blistering Radiance
    Small AoE: Orb of blistering heat and light covers target square until end of encounter. All units within the orb are blinded and suffer moderate fire damage. All units in adjacent squares have a penalty to their hit but do not take any damage. Unhallowed units in the area take extra damage from the positive energy infused within the orb.

    Notes: Original was too similar to unbearable light and I noticed life kind of lacks damage spell suggestions. At the same time I didn't want this to be a complete cloud of embers clone.


    Flash Freeze

    Medium AoE: units in affected area must succeed in a fortitude save or they are immobilized for a single round. The spell also inflicts instant moderate cold damage.

    Notes: I wanted water to have more damage spells but at the same time I just didn't want to repeat ice storm (pure instant destruction). This spell roots melee units for a single turn giving you more time to prepare for counterattack. Originally it had debuff effect from "shivers" but I'll move that to another spell.


    Tsunami / Tidal Wave
    Battlefield damage: Summons a massive tidal wave that inflicts heavy crushing damage to all non-flying units on the battlefield. Battlefield is turned into a pool of shallow water that impedes movement of all units without flying or swimming.

    Notes: I wanted to see more water damage spells that are actually about water in liquid form. Not ice. I see this as a tier 9 water attack. It pretty much destroys all units without DR and neutralizes the rest. Except fliers and to a lesser extend swimmers. Damage is physical.


    Circle of Protection
    Small AoE: Creates a protective circle around a single square until end of encounter. Any unit standing in the protected square has a high bonus to defense, saves and immunity to non-magical weapons. Leaving the circle instantly removes these benefits.

    Notes: Low cost. Extremely powerful defense but you can't move and in worst case scenario you are just shielding your foe since it's not invulnerability! Cast smartly or don't cast at all! Very good for sorcerer lords whose units are outnumbered and who need time to cast devastating battlefield changing spells.


    Symbol of Death
    Create a symbol of death at target unoccupied square. Any unit that triggers the symbol must succeed in a fortitude save or die. The symbol is invisible to all units without illusion immunity.

    Notes: So I thought "Hey. Why should only good guys get protection spells?" so here's the symbol. Killing your foes is pretty dang good protection. Making it visible would defeat the purpose while making it fully invisible would make it impossible to avoid so it's gonna be invisible unless the unit has illusion immunity - like all unhallowed units.


    Mind Crush
    Affected unit suffers moderate illusory damage and has -4 to its spellcasting ability scores for each casting of this spell. Will save negates both damage and penalty.

    Notes: I asked Aaron how stats worked in relation to spellcasting and he said that reducing a spellcasting ability reduces both available mana and damage. If ability scores work as in DnD it loses 1 damage for every 2 points of ability lost. Effect stacks so if you want to floor unit's spell damage cast it multiple times. Illusion immunity protects against both effects. Damage is phantasmal in nature so illusion immunity protects against it. Save negates damage as unit realizes it's just an illusion.


    Target living unit that fails will save is stunned for a turn and suffers moderate illusory damage.

    Notes: Damage and stun is phantasmal in nature so illusion immunity protects against it. Save negates damage as unit realizes it's just an illusion. This is living counterpart to turn undead which should be +damage & fear undead

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    I'm going in holidays in 5 days, let's give a few spell ideas before I leave

    Concentrated Fire
    All ranged units you control that still have enough MP to perform an attack open fire simultaneously towards the designated target. They receive a +1 to hit and damage bonus for everyone two units doing so.
    Notes: the "how to kill a dragon with a bunch of archer" spell

    Whirlwind attack
    Target melee unit (that is has enough MP to perform an attack) attacks all nearby units (friends and foes), without any counterattack.
    Notes: this is a one-shot, not a unit enchantment.

    Dense Fog
    All ranged units cannot attack more than at a very short range (adjacent units or maybe one cell more).
    Notes: the "still can attack adjacent units" is to allow them to still target flying units, else Draconian + Dense Fog would be OP.

    Magnetic Beacon
    Summon a powerful magnet on the battefield. All units wearing metallic armor that come close to the magnet cannot move (but can still attack) until the magnet is destroyed.
    Notes: the magnet will have HP and can be destroyed by attacking it, but should be strong. Useful to pin a group of paladins !

    Teleportation Swap
    Exchange the position of two units (of any side) in the battefield. If an enemy unit is involved, it gets a saving throw.

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    Forgot one :

    Unholy Sacrifice

    Sacrifice a unit. All other units you control are healed of a number of HP equal to the remaining HP of the scarified unit.

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    Affected unit loses resistances and immunities until end of encounter.
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