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Thread: More Strategic Spells

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilobug View Post
    Overall I like them. " Stream of Power" should be Water not Earth to me.
    Uh, yeah, I'm sure that's just me not paying attention. It should absolutely be a Water spell, LOL!
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    OK backers, I think we finally reached the end of the strategic suggestions on the wiki, so I'm moving on to posting spells from this thread. If you find a spell on the wiki that has been missed, let me know.

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    Should we stop posting new spell ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnReeve View Post
    Should we stop posting new spell ideas?
    Until Aaron or someone else from WI says stop, I'd say no, keep the suggestions coming. We can discuss anything. It's up to WI to decide if they want to put our suggestion in the game or not.

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    Yeah, what doesn't make it into the game at first can always be saved for future DLC, I guess.
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    Charm Titan
    The chances target Titan joins your side increase 50%.

    I figured we needed a spell or two that interact with WoM's new mechanics.

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    Rebellious Spirit
    Unrest in enchanted city is increased by 3.

    Nasty city enchantment that helps makes unrest more of a factor in the game. Plus it mates fire with mentalism, which is an unusual pairing so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baenre View Post
    A bunch of people are mentioning drawbacks to flying, or flying causing weaknesses. Are there spells/abilities that are being planned that only target flying creatures? I know if MoM there wasn't, Flying was a benefit in every case on the combat field.
    In response to this, I propose these:


    Enchanted creature loses flying.

    Withered Wings
    Enchanted creature that flies has its movement reduced to 1 and has -2 to all stats.

    Magnetic Field
    Flying units attacking enchanted city have -1 to all stats.
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    Plug Gate
    Targeted gate can no longer be traveled through until this is dispelled.

    Warp Location
    Target party is teleported to a random survivable tile on the same plane.

    Blizzard Road
    The target ocean tile and the surrounding ones are temporarily frozen, allowing land units to pass through them.

    Zephyr Rider (Enchant Unit)
    Enchanted unit grants flying movement on the strategic map for the party it is in.
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    I'm the type of player that is best described as a "turtle". Basically I have few cities because I like to build only few cities at a time and make sure they are well upgraded and defended. My usual win scenario in Mom was research of the spell of mastery (or then I built ridiculously powerful hero and just razed everything). Anyhow. My favorite spells are those that help to protect cities, destroy enemy units or buildings on overland map or change terrain: Wall spells, gaia's blessing, prosperity, change terrain, transmutation, firestorm, ice storm, and my all time favorite flying fortress.

    Below are a few spells I didn't spot yet and a few for which I wish to voice support.

    Wall of Air
    City enchantment: On the battlefield target city will be surrounded by a barrier of air. All ranged attacks passing through the wall have 50% miss chance.

    Wall of Fire
    City enchantment: Wall inflicts fire damage to any enemy unit that tries to pass or melee attack through it

    Wall of Stone
    Instantly creates a stone wall in the target city
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