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Thread: Dry Air

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    Dry Air

    Name: Dry Air
    Circles: ?, ?
    Description: River tiles in an area produce 1 less max food, a random area on the map gains the max food taken from the river while the enchantment is in effect.

    I'm not really feeling this. We could patch it up and make it work though. It would need to effect more than just river tiles, apply a negative %, and drop the “bonus relocation” or whatever. We could make it Air or Water and put it in Augmentation. Still, I'm not sure about it.

    What do you guys think.

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    Archmage of the Inner Ring ampoliros's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    I think you're right. Seems a little too hokus pokus to me.

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    I have to admit, I like the name, but I don't like the effect.

    Honestly my first thought on seeing the name was that this spell reduced the power of water spells (Or at least reduced their damage) by drying out the air.

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    Yeah, I would be fine with a "dry air" spell that decrease effects or increase mana cost of water spells (and maybe increase effect or decrease mana cost of fire based ones).

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    This one's head is on the block. Anyone want to make a pitch to save it?
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    I'd like to reuse the name for something that weakens water magic, but I have nothing for the current version.

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