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Thread: Creatures CA -> Hell Hound

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    Wait, why are we going with B?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ampoliros View Post
    Honestly, I'd like to see the Hell Hound have:
    • B's spikes all the way down its spine and tail
    • A's collar with a broken chain dangling down
    • A's flaming mane
    • a head somewhere in-between A and B, maybe not as ridged as B, but with A's ears
    • snarling, drooling, scary teeth
    Quote Originally Posted by Wojciech View Post
    Yeah, so I guess we're going with B.
    Can you do this? It sounds like most of the objection to B was the head.

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    Because someone (Endless_Rain if i rememeber correctly) pushed the wrong button so it's actually 18 to 17 for B.

    As for the ampoliros ideas: here's the thing. Nothing's set in stone here. This is just a really quick sketch. What I always had in mind is the same colour scheme which is black with fire. It's just that the head and tail will be different in it's shape.

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    hell_hound copy.jpg

    This is where we ended up.

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    Awesome, great work! I really love the chain.
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    That Hell Hound looks awesome!

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    that's one bad puppy man!
    and thx for taking our whining into account btw ;-)

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