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Thread: Cognizance

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    Name: Cognizance
    Circles: Earth / Mentalism
    Description: You know what strategic/global spells your opponents are casting.

    In MoM this was the Arcane spell Detect Magic.

    I think this spell effect definitely has a place in WoM. I'm torn about name and spell Circles.

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    The name made me immediately think of Awareness (MoM) or a "See all cities and troops on the map".

    Do "Global" enchantments span all planes? If so, they could be hella-OP. Anyone have a link to a discussion on this?

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    I recall there was a small discussion on Global vs. Planar. I think it was in another spell discussion. Basically, just make a pitch for the spell to be Planar or truly Global.

    Honestly though, I don't see how this spell could be made Planar. You can only cast one spell at a time and you don't pick the target until the spell is ready.

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    I think this should be one of the 'you can always get this spell' spells, just for myself. the old MoM arcane category, like the basic dispel, enchant artifact, and summon hero/champion.

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    The Global Vs. Planar issue is still up in the air. I think it's going to take play testing to make a firm decision on some of them. There are a few issues to consider really.

    The "Arcane" debate is also still open. I can see the usefulness of arcane spells, but I also see how it might water down some of the other schools.

    Speaking of which, this spell clearly strikes me as Water not Earth. And the name is OK, but I'm open to other suggestions

    Anyways, if someone wants to kick off the "Arcane" debate in the regular backers' forum we should be able to tell what the consensus view is.
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