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Thread: Radio Silence

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    Radio Silence

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I've got some things to take care of over the next few days that may keep me from getting to the forums at all. I've got a few minutes now and I may have a few minutes tomorrow, but then again I may not. I wanted you all to know why I've disappeared. Either way, Lord willing, things will be back to normal Monday

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    Good luck for whatever is happening to you, hoping it's nothing serious.

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    GL, Aaron. See you next week

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    OK, so I'm back after a four day weekend of borderline madness, lol. I'm glad to get back to work where I can finally get some rest

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    Hope everything went okay. Welcome back!

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    "I survived" might be a better way to put it than "Went OK", lol. Really it wasn't that bad. At one point I was disconnected from the Internet for a little over 30 hours. That was probably the worst part, but there was more. I was so worn down that yesterday I did basically nothing all day. Still, I'm back now

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    I hope life improves for you greatly and quickly, Aaron

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    There's going to be another bout of silence guys. My "busy" has kicked into serious high gear. You'll be glad to know that it's for the good of the game

    Still, the increased work load, combined with some technical issues (read: Internet problems!) I've run into on my end are probably going to keep me out of the forums until Thursday.... or Friday... or maybe I'll just see you guys again this weekend....

    Either way, nice avatars!
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    Keep up the great work, Aaron!
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    OK, after a CRAZY week I have finally gotten a few minutes. I'm still not actually going to be posting now, but I may get to some of it later in the day. I am hoping that next week I am going to get things a little more back under control.
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